Letter to the Editor: Biden, and his immigration policies, are a mess

Reader Jon Buss says Biden’s immigrations policies have led to the deaths of U.S. citizens.

The first presidential debate just occurred. My thought is sadness on two fronts.

Sadness for Joe Biden and his dementia. He reminds everyone of their parent or grandparent with their struggle with dementia and Alzheimer’s. The 2nd front is sadness for this country and the free world as their leader is obviously being controlled by someone other than our elected president. I predicted this 4 years ago (separating my shoulder as I pat myself on the back).

Former President Trump really held his tongue after hearing Biden ramble on about topics time and time again. I believe Trump held his tongue because he truly felt sorry for him. I believe Biden is truly a good person and a good family man, but as a politician he is horrible for the citizens of this Country.

Biden’s policies on the border have resulted in the murders of several U.S. citizens. The most recent of many is a 12 year old girl in Houston that was viciously murdered and raped by two illegal immigrants that were allowed in this country by the Biden administration.

This murder is not an isolated incident, it is becoming the norm. This country can do better to protect citizens from illegal aliens that are now called migrants. Legal U.S. citizens that are white, black, American native, Hispanic and Asian deserve to be protected from violent crime committed by people that have no right to be here. But Democrats and liberals believe otherwise. And a dementia ridden President backs this liberal belief by his action and non-action on the border.

Democrats believe that U.S. citizens just need to tolerate the crimes committed by illegal aliens and other people that have no right to be here. No Democrat politician or voter believes the blood of these murder victims are on their hands. I am here to remind everyone that people that vote for open borders, Democrats and illegal immigrants are the problem.

Democrats are scrambling after this debate. They are looking to replace Biden. The biggest snake in the grass is Gavin Newsome, the communist governor of California. He talks about supporting Biden, but he has his eye on the prize as the President. A President Newsome is a scarier thought than a dementia ridden President making decisions.

My hope is that Democrats have an open mind, show tolerance and continue to support Biden. Trump 2024!

Jon Buss