Letter to the Editor: Cole Street closures bring extra business

Business owner Janet Barto says people wandering downtown will shop more than they planned.

I wanted to share a prime example of just one of the reasons the street closure is good.

This has happened multiple times but this one just occurred this last weekend (Oct. 7-8).

We had a family that drove from Maple Valley specifically to our store. They had never come to Enumclaw other than to drive by. Because the street was closed they had to find a place to park. They ended up over by Railroad.

Because they parked over there they had to walk by The Pie Goddess. And decided they needed pie. They were very impressed by our town and vowed to come back often.

Had they have not had to park on a different street and walk to our store. They would never have discovered any of this. They would’ve driven up parked walked into my store walked out and went home. This is just one story of dozens that we get told all the time.

Janet Barto

The Magickal Earth