Letter to the Editor: Electing Trump would be turning the clock back to before the Revolution

Reader Eugene Clegg argues a Trump win this November will lead to authoritarianism.

Electing Trump would be turning the clock back to before the Revolution

I am writing this at the request from an acquaintance. There are two intertwined themes here. One, a support of Democracy over authoritarianism, the other is the present political platform of the Republican Party, titled Project 25.

Some believe that the dictatorships of China’s and Russia’s are winning the economic and innovation battles between themselves and the democratic nations. If this is true, then why is China stuck with producing the low end computer chips while Taiwan is providing the high end products for self driving cars and AI? Why is it that China has slipped into 1930’s deflation while we have the lowest inflation rate in the world?

If China is the model of government you prefer, then take a good look. How many are attempting illegal immigration into China or Russia versus the numbers attempting to enter the West?

We need to take the Republican Party’s presumed candidate for the next presidency very seriously. Donald Trump has publicly stated his post-election agenda. The following few are only the most grievous. There’s no room to list them all:

He promises to terminate federal employees, requiring them to take a patriot exam and sign a loyalty pledge to him. He would terminate the Constitution if HE decided any fraud occurred in an election. He would remove public news outlets such as Comcast, NBC, and MSNBC from the airwaves. He would pardon those convicted of the January 6th insurrection. He would impose a 10% tariff on all goods imported, especially from Mexico, to pay for the wall. This would affect the price of goods and inflation here. Mexico would not be paying for the wall, we would. Anyone convicted of selling drugs would receive an automatic death penalty. He would let states monitor a women’s pregnancy and prosecute those who try to violate abortion bans by going out of state. We would no longer come to the aid of an ally that did not pay enough for its defense; he would designate librarians that allow banned books to be classified as sex offenders. He would deploy military troops and use detention camps inside our nation against anyone who protests his soft coup, as did Hitler, etc.

Do we really want to have a president who’s a wannabe dictator? Our Constitution was written to exclude having a king or queen; do we wish to regress to a world before 1776?

Our democracy is not perfect, but unlike the autocratic nations, we are blessed with people who have come here who are creative and ingenious, and a government that promotes this. It has all come about due to our freedoms protected by our Constitution. To take it away would dump us into the same problems facing these “supposedly” successful authoritarian dictatorships. I for one prefer to keep our freedoms and Constitution intact. A friend of mine said, “People get the government they deserve”, and as Oscar Wilde said, “be careful what you wish for.”

Eugene Clegg