Letter to the Editor: Elfers erroneously simplifies conservative Christianity and the border issue

New letter writer Bob Lurry says there’s a distinction between scripture and law.

By selecting Biblical scripture to support his political beliefs, Rich Elfers has succeeded in publicly demonizing his brothers and sisters in Christ elevating his political beliefs over faith (“A contradiction between soncervative Christians and the Bible, published March 20).

When I attend church, I am fully aware that I sit with sinners. I am one of them. They come from the left and from the right.

I need Christ more than a political party. For every message of grace the Bible supports, one can point to the need to adhere to law. I suggest reading Romans 13. After all, Jesus himself said he did not come to abolish the law.

Grace is not a means to upend the law. Our nation has borders and it has laws. For the same you reason you have a front door with a lock on it, we have doorways into America. Being conservative is not synonymous with being anti-immigrant as you suggest, nor is being a supporter of a particular candidate.

We live in a nation of laws. Without them, there would be chaos. The immigration problem is certainly a complex one but suggesting that one side who disagrees with open borders is somehow not a Christian, is counterproductive to resolving the issue.

Bob Lurry