Letter to the Editor: Enumclaw wants your input on possible community center

Mayor Jan Molinaro wants local opinions on the proposed project.

To the citizens of Enumclaw,

Enumclaw is a growing community with young families and long-term residents that are the backbone of the community. We are grateful for everyone who has chosen to make Enumclaw their home.

The city wants to provide a community center for children and young adults (22.3% of our population is under 18 years old) for sports and learning opportunities. It also would serve our seniors (31% of our population) to make connections, have a hot meal and thrive. Police could also be there in a satellite office to create a greater understanding about law enforcement. Even our local chamber of commerce could have an office to encourage tourism and promote local businesses.

The possibilities are endless at the point we share a vision.

The city is considering asking voters to approve a bond to fund such a community center. It’s in the planning stages at this point and we want to hear from you about the idea. Please send your thoughts and comments to Jessica Rose, City Clerk at jrose@ci.enumclaw.wa.us.

Thank you for your consideration,

Jan Molinaro, Mayor

City of Enumclaw Senior Center Advisory Board President