Letter to the Editor: History always frowns on book burners

Local Larry Benson opines on DeSantis’ achievements in Florida.

Correction: The Courier-Herald mistakenly edited this letter to say Gov. DeSantis signed a 15-week abortion ban in Florida. While this was accurate, he later went on to approve a six-week ban.

So Reagan Dunn is endorsing Ron DeSantis for president and he says it’s because of what he has done in Florida.

What he has done in Florida is; Banned more books than any other state, including Texas, made abortion illegal after six weeks, enacted six anti-gay laws and in general is farther right than Trump on many issues.

With every step that the Republican party takes it keeps moving us closer and closer to an authoritarian state and farther and farther away from our democratic system of government. This is taking place on every level of our government and especially on local governments, school boards and city councils.

The Republican party has been called the American Taliban for several years and everything they have done over the past several years has continually shown that they are very deserving of that title.

While their mantra has been less government, their actions have been to control many aspects of our private lives that their warped sense of morality deems sinful. Gay people are an abomination, women should know their place and just stay home and make babies, books that we find objectionable should be banned in schools and public libraries.

Lets just try and remember one thing, the people who ban books in our history have never been the good guys. Just sayin’.

Larry Benson