Letter to the Editor: I am excited to vote for the new community center

Reader Julie Holbrook opines about the state of the local senior center and the need for a space that serves all ages.

A big thank you to the Enumclaw City Council for placing a bond on the April ballot to build a new community center.

The current center is woefully inadequate and does not even meet the current needs of our city! The cost to update this nearly 100-year-old building exceeds its value. So, it’s very insightful to create a potential plan for this center and to integrate its use into the future of our city events. Several places that are currently being used for beloved citizen events are going away, placing more pressure for additional downtown event locations.

As a muti-generational family member (mother, grandmother, and great grandmother) with some family members being Enumclaw residents for 20-plus years, I know my entire family would benefit from the bond passing for the new center to be built and I believe yours would, too.

Providing a safe place for seniors, teens and a place for many sports teams that cannot now play because of lack of space is important to so many! The center could alleviate that situation as well as provide meeting rooms for family or business meetings, dinners, celebrations, etc. Think of our talented high school choir, band and other school groups performing for city residents, group presentations, concerts, art shows, farmers markets, painting lessons, pickleball; and the list of uses goes on and on. I feel this building would immediately be used to full capacity as it is already sorely needed.

I see a new Enumclaw community center as an investment in our city for all ages. I again thank the City Council for placing the bond for a vote on the April ballot.

Julie Holbrook