Letter to the Editor: It’s time to limit Cole Street closures, and SR 410 musings

Reader James Ryan opines on how the weekend closures affect those with limited mobility

It sure seems like the closure of public city streets is becoming the norm. I understand when and why it’s necessary for special events, but every weekend… Such road closures are significant impediments for people with limited mobility who want to patronize local businesses.

Public tax dollars are being used to deprive the tax paying citizens of the ability to drive on public city roads.

Also, It seems like the daily traffic congestion Westbound on SR410 from Enumclaw through Buckley has been normalized as just another fact of life.

It’s been an issue for years, and I don’t hear much discussion about it by local residents or political leaders.

I know Buckley is pursuing some future improvements with WSDOT to improve traffic flow, but that is years away assuming it is approved and funding is available.

I wonder if a relatively quick, simple, and inexpensive option might improve the traffic flow? Optimize the timing and synchronization of the traffic signals on SR410 through Buckley at Park, Main, the highway 165 intersection, and Mundy Loss.

My personal observations are that these traffic signals are not optimally timed and synchronized to minimize traffic congestion.

I have previously contacted multiple elected representatives and the WSDOT about this issue. I also requested the subject traffic signal and synchronization data from WSDOT. No data has been provided to date.

For all of the gas, sales, carbon, license, excise, tab, etc taxes and fees that we pay, it sure seems like this issue should be addressed. It would reduce time wasted stuck in traffic, and it would reduce transportation related air pollution from vehicle exhaust emissions.

James Ryan