Letter to the Editor: MAGA is America’s Third Reich

Reader John Locatelli seem similarities between the rise of Nazi Germany and the current Trump’s Republican party.

Serious students of history, high school history teachers, college history professors, and history buffs pay attention.

The reason Hitler came to power in Germany in the 1930’s is being played out in our country today. Both countries had and have a well-educated populace.

However, people like today’s J. D. Vance, Kristi Noem, Mike Johnson, and many others in positions of influence have fully embraced the preposterous idea that trial and convection of Trump was political, not legal. They have sold their souls to the MAGA devil for their own selfish reasons.

In 1930’s Germany too many rotten people supported Hitler and not enough good people spoke out until it was too late.

John Locatelli