Letter to the Editor: Reader’s railing against immigrants ignores more important issues

Reader Stanley McKie says immigrants, illegal or not, are a boon to the country, not a detriment.

The following is a response to the Letter to the Editor “Biden, and his immigration policies, are a mess”, published July 3.

“I don’t care about you, I just want your vote. I don’t care.” – Donald Trump Las Vegas rally on June 9, 2024. Look it up.

Experts say that 78 year old Trump also displays signs of cognitive decline and dementia. There are times Trump is confused about reality, he slurs his words, he doesn’t finish sentences and his forward-leaning body stance are all signs of impending dementia. Look it up.

Buss should check police blotters and news outlets around the country before he rails against refugees committing crimes. The crimes reported in Enumclaw and Auburn will keep you up at night.

A disproportionately small number of refugees committing violent crime is unfortunate, not insignificant but an entire class of people should not be zealously condemned for the actions of a few. Buss’ arguments are hysterical and irresponsible.

Buss continues to object to the terrorized, the tired and the poor coming to America for a chance at a better life but he didn’t bellyache when we invaded Iraq in 2003 under dubious pretenses and manufactured circumstances. What’s the difference? We invaded a sovereign country where U.S. troops patrolled in cities there while calling the locals the enemy. How many innocent Iraqi civilians were killed since the U.S. invaded? Look it up.

The majority of second responders in this country, the cleanup crews and those that help rebuild communities after natural disasters, are refugees and undocumented workers. The federal and local governments hire contractors to help when and wherever there is a natural disaster. These contractors routinely hire undocumented immigrants; and yes, there were undocumented workers at Ground Zero on Sept. 11, 2001 helping with the massive clean-up operations. Who is going to do it? Buss? MAGAs? These refugee workers are members of desperately needed vocation. They are not criminals.

Buss’ blind comments reek of hypocrisy. Buss talks about refugees committing crimes here but conveniently ignores the events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, Trump’s 34 felony convictions, personal and company civil liabilities worth millions of dollars (Trump-desperate for money-is susceptible to being bribed) and the two pending federal criminal cases against him.

Can a convicted felon be hired at your place of employment? How would you like it if someone like Trump was circling your daughters or your wife? Trump (who was a good friend of Jeffrey Epstein) is an adjudicated rapist. Twenty-six women and Stormy Daniels (and a teenager alleging rape) have come forward to level sexual assault allegations against Trump. Google “Trump and his sexual allegations.”

Trump has a history of unchecked criminal and pathological behaviors. Did you ever hear the story of Trump violently slapping and knocking Don Jr. to the floor? Look it up. Trump was an accidental president, is an abomination and is a lousy father too. He will be out of control and he will ruin this country (a country that is already great despite Trump’s reckless presidency) if he returns to the White House.

Stanley McKie