Letter to the Editor: Strict rules are easier to follow than the abstruse “love my neighbor as myself”

Reader John Locatelli compares Trump rallies to church revival meetings.

Like Richard Elfers I struggle to understand how conservative christians can follow Donald Trump, though his rallies are becoming like church revival meetings (How does ‘Good vs. Evil” affect different parts of our lives,” published April 3).

I think that some “Christians” need rules to follow so that they feel like they are standing up for God and as such they are righteous in his eyes. Such rules are”abortion is always wrong” or “transgered is against God’s laws” or “contraception is”.

It is easier morally to follow a strict rule than to decide everyday how to “love my neighbor as myself”. With the latter the true heart of the individual is exposed to God as they try to follow his principles.

John Locatelli

Maple Valley