Letter to the Editor: ‘The pill’ didn’t lead to more acceptance of the LGBTQ community

Contributor John Locatelli weighs in on a recent column.

Richard Elfers, in his column on “the pill”, does a comprehensive job of summarizing the changing attitudes on human sexuality (“‘The pill’ and shifting social norms are cementing tribalism,” published May 10).

However, I do not feel that “the pill” is responsible for the acceptance of gay marriage. As more gay people came “out of the closet” more people realized that gay couples were normal people and not the horrible, perverts that some people wanted others to believe.

I feel that this personal knowing of gay couples led to the acceptance of gay marriage. It is only in insular groups where gays are reluctant to come out that people have no contact with gay couples and the where old ideas and prejudices remain.

John Locatelli

Maple Valley