Looking for rational thoughts from a Republican

Why vote for people who want to take us back in time?

Two years into a Democratic-controlled administration we have: an infrastructure bill, passed; a limit on insulin prices, passed; Medicare allowed to negotiate drug prices, passed; climate change bill, passed; and student loans reduced by executive order.

All of these things were for the benefit of the entire country as Democratic administrations have a history of.

Republican administrations since Reagan have made it their main objective to pass bills that include tax cuts for the rich, (forty plus years of this trickle down theory has only allowed the rich to get ultra-rich but has accomplished little else) and now they have openly threatened to repeal all of the bills that the Democrats have passed if they take control of Congress. It is still unclear to me why anyone votes for these people whose main objective seems to be to keep the general public poor and poorly educated so they can control this country by any means necessary, including armed insurrection.

If there is a rational Republican reading this please respond with some of the reasons you support these people so we can have a reasoned and responsible discussion on these issues. Just sayin’.

Larry Benson