Low-income tax credits must be expanded

Child Tax Credits and Earned Income Tax Credits have helped millions of people out of poverty.

Indeed, childcare is essential for working parents to provide for their families. The shortage of caretakers and facilities is concerning, especially in a time when some families are exempt from receiving the vital benefits of the Child Tax Credit (CTC) and Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

According to the U.S. Census, the EITC and CTC together have lifted 8.9 million people out of poverty. Right now, 5 million low-income workers not raising children are taxed into poverty because their EITC is too low. And children in America’s lowest-income households don’t even qualify for the CTC. As a high school senior, I feel bombarded with SAT testing and college application essays. I can only imagine how the demanding life responsibilities of parents hinder staying afloat financially.

Luckily, Congress is considering legislation to extend some business tax breaks and fix provisions in the 2017 tax law. I urge Representative Kim Schrier to endorse expanding these vital tax credits. Working people and children deserve a fair shot to get ahead. Can we count on the Congresswoman to uphold the principle set in 2015 that any legislation extending business tax breaks must also include measures to help struggling families and children?

Olivia Boulet, RESULTS Volunteer Advocate

Lake Tapps

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