Mayor and wife work hard for city

I am responding to Mr. Bender’s letter of Oct. 7 in The Courier-Herald.

This letter is not political as it will probably not be published until the votes have been mailed, if it is published at all. I assure you I do not have “red herrings” swimming around in the tub. You did mention, however, we should not sit on our hands and do nothing. You mentioned you thought elections were to educate voters and hold candidates responsible for their actions. I, too, believe this and this letter is about “actions.” I especially don’t like “innuendo assassination of character.”

Innuendo, in the dictionary, “an oblique comment or suggestion usually derogatory – a subtle insinuation.” You know, don’t openly vilify someone’s character so you can be sued for defamation of character, but leave the impression that the person is sneaky, will hide truth, and is criminal enough “that I had to write a letter to the attorney general.” Of course this letter had “all the facts” and the people of Enumclaw had to know what was going on.

The male council member wrote this letter because of the proposed $11 million fine against Enumclaw. That was in litigation. He should have waited for a decision in writing. This is the legal intelligent way to decide guilt or not. A judge will study “all the facts” in the case and hand down a decision. Well, there wasn’t a fine and there wasn’t an apology, either.

At the time this letter was published by The Courier-Herald this council member was heading Ms. Reynolds’ campaign. Could there have been a connection?

I’ve known John and Linda for years and they are hard-working, honest and civic-minded people. They have worked hard to make this town a great place to live – one of the people you said were “saints.” John was a pilot, until retirement, from Alaska Airlines. That job meant thousands of people put their trust in a man of integrity and ability. John and his wife have lived in the Enumclaw area for 27 years. They have raised their children and now grandchildren here. They love this town. You may not agree on his plans for bringing prosperity to this town and that’s your privilege and I may add your blessing, that our country enjoys. We have men and women dying every day to preserve your right. What I don’t agree on is “suggesting” someone is a person of no integrity or honesty when that is untruthful.

John told me that he would not run a nasty campaign and instructed those that work for him to be of the same attitude. I admire that decision and time will tell if my grandmother was right. She used to say, “anything that is untruthful and hurting that is said about you will be proved wrong in time.”

Eunice Wallace


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