More on left vs. right and the emoluments clause

A rebuttle to conservative talking points.

Editor’s note: This letter is in response to “Biden is tanking America” and “President Clinton and Democratic hypocrisy”, both published Sept. 14.

First of all, Sophia, that question wasn’t about Trump, it was about conservatives in general: the people who want to take away a woman’s control over her own body, ban books, ban gay marriage, re-segregate schools, condone Nazis, and who have former KKK members and child molesters running for office in their party.

Many on the right are racist and bigoted, and I would need you to tell me where you get the idea that the left is racist and bigoted? War against white men and boys?

Joe Biden’s current doctor states that he is totally fit for office; the doctor who claimed he is in decline is Trump’s former doctor, a Republican who has never examined him so has no direct knowledge of his fitness.

Gas prices are high all over the world, partially due to recovery from COVID leading to increasing demand. Our country still produces more oil than any other country in the world and our imports include less than 6% from Russia, the only enemy on the list.

Trump’s economy lost 2.9 million jobs over his term, illegal immigration increased, unemployment increased to 6.3% during his presidency from 4.7% when he took office and his administration increased the national debt by 50%, mostly due to tax cuts for the rich.

Now George, I will admit that the Democrats have had several philanderers over the years, though Truman, Carter and Obama are the most notable exceptions; not sure about LBJ. But no president in our recent history has totally ignored the emoluments clause of the constitution as blatantly as Trump and his business raked in $2.4 billion dollars during his time in office.

I don’t hate Trump. What I don’t like is the number of people he was able to con into believing he had anything but his own prurient interests in mind during all of his time as president.

As for the rest of your claims about his accomplishments, just reread my comments to Sophia.

Larry Benson