Obama’s deficit committee is suspicious

How strange and bizarre it was to hear Barack Obama and the White House announce last week that he was putting together a bipartisan commission to study how to lower the deficit. BOB and the Democrats, by themselves, spent more money in one year than they could ever print. And now, BOB wants to do a study to seek how to not do what they just did? Are they stinking kidding?

That’s like the owner of a grocery store forcing 100 hungry, wild monkeys into his store and them coming back two weeks later and wanting to put together a commission to study why the inside of his store was a little messy and really stinky. And in the state of Washington, the Democrat-controlled Legislature and Senate on Thursday flipped the bird (the middle finger) at every one in the state by voting to gut I-960 That was the initiative that passed overwhelmingly to limit the state’s spending. For those who don’t know why this was passed by the people, it’s because our state government grew 33 percent in four years and people recognize there will be much higher taxes which also means a pay cut for every single person in the state. And here is an example of just one of the taxes they are planning to impose: one cent per ounce on bottled water. A 24-case of water can be purchased for $2.88. Twenty-four bottles hold 405 ounces. Do the math. For those who work at water bottling companies and deliver that water, your job will probably go away because few people will pay 140 percent more for water.

I dare anyone to defend any of the above.

Ted DeVol


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