Possible ramifications of Texas abortion ban

Be careful what you wish for.

I can tell that supporters of the Texas “abortion” bill SB-8 have not thought out its long-term ramifications. The conservative population had better fervently pray that the Supreme Court throws out the mechanism the Texas legislature used to prevent judicial review of it being enforced. If the Court supports this method of preventing a review of an “unconstitutional” law, it can and will be applied to any other “unconstitutional law” now and in the future. I am absolutely certain they will eventually regret opening that Pandora ’s Box.

For example: It will be only a matter of time before some liberal state or another takes SB-8, removes the word abortion and inserts something like: “Suspected unregistered or stolen firearms”, “Mask or vaccination mandates”, and so on. This list of unpopular subjects to conservatives could be quite long.

In short, be careful what you wish for. Because your wish will get returned upon you in unexpected and undesirable ways. Finally, saying it won’t ever happen is simply putting your head in the sand.

Bob Mitchell