President’s socialist strategy moving closer


Well the plans of the law license-surrendering, never-a-college-professor commander in chief (God help us) roll on to fruition. His oft-stated desire to remake the United States of America into the USSE (United States of Socialist Europe) had a major piece fall into place. After some of the major companies in the U.S. had the nerve to report as required by federal law what the financial impact would be from the takeover of health care, congressional thug Henry Waxman ripped documents from said private companies under threat of criminal investigation.

At first Waxman was gleeful, expecting to punish companies like Deere, Caterpillar, AT&T and Verizon for following the SEC regulations on financial reporting and had scheduled a kangaroo court “hearing” in congressional chambers. The on-camera lynching was abruptly canceled April 14 when over 1,100 surrendered documents showed write-down estimates running into billions of dollars – $20 million per company per year for the mandate to keep adult (26 year old) children on health care plans alone. So, in Waxman’s clenched-teeth words the estimates were, “proper and in accordance with SEC rules.”

Bottom line for victims of BHO in terms of health care? The major employers in the U.S. are finding that it would be nearly 8/10’s cheaper in costs to dump employee health care coverage, just pay the fines instead, this could force 30 to 40 million employees into government pools within two years. Oh, the cost estimates? No one knows. A CBO estimate based on numbers supplied by Congress showed that if only 50 percent of the employees covered by employer health plans get dumped the cost by 2016 will rise to (minimum) $160 billion per year to the taxpayers. So without cap and tax and the VAT the whole federal financial house of cards (SSN? Medicaid? Medicare and welfare, etc., 80 to 90 percent of the GDP for interest only by 2015. Current U.S. military costs 4 percent of GDP) will crash and burn. Taking the country with it.

In speeches prior to his elevation and beautification B. Hussein stated that the first major part of his plan for us required “decoupling health insurance from employment.” Thus “forcing” the compassionate, the most wise, the beatifically BHO to institute immediately single-pay, British-style health care run by 300 separate appointed, unelected government committees.

An illustration of what’s ahead. The USA has several hundred Gamma knives, unbelievably precise machines that can destroy cancer tumors with pinpoint accuracy. Waiting time to undergo such treatments in the U.S.? About a week. In Britain? Forgetaboutit! Britain has one such machine. The National Health Authority Committee in charge will not allow it to be used, too expensive for the average cancer victim in England. Death panels for everybody.

Craig Sarver

Bonney Lake

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