Reader challenges pastor on Jesus’ message of peace

Editor’s note: the following is in response to the Church Corner column that appeared in the May 26 edition.

Kim, Kim, you and yours, who in public wear the coat of socialist pacifists try to use the language of war with no understanding of it or the need for force in an evil world.

This is and will always remain a world ruled by force. “Nowhere can I find reference to Jesus establishing a militia of armed followers.” My, you did not look very hard did you? Jesus told his followers to sell their garments and buy a sword for the times to come. He said I come not to bring you peace I come bearing a sword. You who would have the people bear their throats to the blade to satisfy some primal need for surrender within, you are not a shepherd, you are the Judas goat leading man to the perdition of slavery. Just war, war for home, family, nation and freedom are not evil; indeed there is much more that is evil, like surrender to evil, watching your homes and nation and freedoms burn because you had no stomach to resist, turning your back on all that is good, kind and just to save yourself.

Becoming a supporter of evil to save yourself is not noble, not politically correct no matter how it is depicted in the state- controlled media; it is cowardly. Something evil this way comes and the war to come could make all others seem small by comparison. Yet we can not just give up on some quest for redemption by supplication and remain free nor men. This you and your kind can never understand, nor will you ever understand, weak as you are that far better men than you stand at the gates and stand to the barricade in defense of even you.

“Jesus will have it no other way.” Tell that to the money changers in the temple, tell it to the Nazi’s and Empire of Japan. Tell it to Daniel Pearl.

To arms brothers and sisters.

Craig Sarver

Bonney Lake

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