Reader claims higher sewer rates caused by mistakes

The city had "planned" on new families moving to Enumclaw to help cover their "overbudget" sewer plant.

What? Are you kidding me? What’s up with that new sewer rate hike? What a joke.

I love paying for other people’s mistakes. The city had “planned” on new families moving to Enumclaw to help cover their “overbudget” sewer plant. Hmmm, there’s a saying that you shouldn’t count your chickens before they hatch. Instead, all of us who live in town get to fork out more money. Our family will now get to pay $100 just for the sewer portion on our bill.

Did I vote for a new sewer plant? No. Did I vote to increase these stupid rates? No. What the heck was council thinking? “Bad Economy” they blame? Yeah. That just makes it worse for all of us! That extra 50 bucks our family alone will pay monthly could have been spent downtown.

It’s so frustrating that the city can just go ahead and do as they please. They could charge us $200 a month if they wanted. Everyone needs to flush and shower. Maybe I’ll just send my boys outside to “water” the grass. Save a buck or two. Or maybe I won’t bathe.

I’m just curious what the sewer plant’s monthly bill is. The city has 6,000 customers. If my bill alone is $100 per month for sewer, do the math.

I was born in Enumclaw and lived here my whole life. I’ve never spoken negatively about this town until recently. All I have to say is the people in charge should really think about us peons who pay. Just common courtesy. And for the families that were supposedly going to move to Enumclaw, they were probably all too scared of the utility charges. They moved to Auburn or Buckley instead where they pay less than half.

Thanks council. Thank you very much!

Chrissy Marlow


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