School boards should support mask mandates

I applaud those who support the mandate and push back on the ignorance of those who don’t.

I just read that the main issue being brought up to the School Board is to persuade them to resist state mandates requiring students to wear masks against COVID-19 (“Parents want local school boards to stand against mask mandate,” published Dec. 1).

What is this? Why resist an action meant to protect children from a horrendous disease? I don’t get it. Someone suggested children may suffer physical and emotional harm from wearing a mask. What? Give me some specifics, please.

Board members are asked to employ “personal responsibility and accountability” to resist the mandate. Why not use personal responsibility and accountability to support the mandate? Wake up and smell the coffee, folks. When schools opened for in-person classes across the country, not so long ago, infections soared and the schools had to close as fast as they opened. That’s why masks were mandated in the first place. If schools have a lower infection rate than populations outside schools, as one person pointed out, maybe it’s because they must wear masks.

I applaud the courage of board members who support the mandate and push back on the ignorance of constituents who don’t.

Marilyn Glasscock