Stop encouraging homelessness

It’s misguided to help people who don’t want to help themselves.

Why has a homeless encampment been allowed on the public sidewalk across from Seeder’s Restaurant downtown Enumclaw? The warm Enumclaw welcome of money, gift cards, and food given out of misguided empathy only encourages this small encampment to grow.

Drug treatment is what is necessary and providing any other support is enabling that life destroying addiction. It is also because of misguided “homeless advocates” that the Enumclaw police and city council have their hands tied to remove or even touch the personal property of these homeless individuals who are littering that city block. If Enumclaw residents could have imagined that giving our city library to King County would have encouraged the dozen or so vehicles to be parked in that lot, inhabited by homeless who use the library for their toileting and dwelling during open hours, we certainly would not have been so inclined to make the trade.

What freedoms my children had to use the library and walk downtown Enumclaw will not be extended to my grandchildren due to the lack of safety from these homeless encampments.

Debra Taylor