Support education, vote yes on WRHS Prop. 1

Everyone benefits when schools are fully-funded.

We are White River graduates. Our parents are White River graduates. Our siblings are White River graduates, and our kids will one day be White River graduates. You could say when it comes to voting YES for White River schools, we are biased, but when a school bond or levy is on the ballot regardless of where we live, you can guarantee we will always vote yes for schools.

Our country needs strong schools and well-educated students to compete in a global market. Our kids deserve to feel safe and receive health, guidance and counseling services if necessary. They need experiences that broaden their horizons, like drama, art, music, and athletics. Our special education students need to be nurtured so they can thrive. When we were in school, the voters made sure the schools had what they needed for that time. Now it is our turn to make sure the schools, and in turn our children, have what they need for a strong, competitive education. The future is, literally, in your hands. Please join us in voting yes for schools.

Monica Barker, Melanie Jensen, Burton Haugen Jr.