Supreme Court is no place for politics

It should interpret the Constitution as written and rule based on the law.

Rich Elfers finally got back to writing about what he knows best, history. His column (10-17) about the Supreme Court was excellent but then he decided to once again delve into partisan politics. He wrote that “partisan hostility came from Justice Kavanaugh himself in an angry opening statement outburst that criticized the liberals and the Democrats for the attacks on his character and reputation.” Kavanaugh had the right to defend himself against an accusation of rape by Christine Blasey Ford. He was pounded by Democrats who told us he was unquestionably guilty. They said Ford’s testimony was “credible” and we should believe her even before any investigation of her story was done. Others weighed into the debate. Eleven University of Puget Sound professors wrote an open letter to many news outlets (TNT 10-16) proclaiming their “rage” over Kavanaugh being confirmed. They offered no facts or evidence to prove their point. They just said they knew on a “gut level what Dr. Ford was saying was true.” It was in a Matt Driscoll column and he firmly agreed with them. Where did the presumption of innocence go? Should we convict people of a crime based on a “gut level” feeling? It’s nonsense. Where was their proof?

Kavanaugh had to be strong and push back since he was defending his reputation, character and his livelihood. No wonder he showed outrage and anger in his opening statements since the Democrats and outside liberal groups were trying to destroy him. His family was just collateral damage and the Democrats couldn’t care less. This was all about political power and many women took their #MeToo bias out on Justice Kavanaugh. As it turned out, proper investigations by the FBI and Senate investigators found Ford’s story could not be corroborated and her testimony had numerous gaps and inconsistencies. According to the Arizona prosecutor, Rachel Mitchell, the evidence along with Ford’s testimony led her to conclude she wouldn’t even issue a warrant for an arrest. A bedrock of our Western civilization whether in court or in a hearing is the presumption of innocence. This comes from the 14th Amendment of the Constitution. Justice Kavanaugh was innocent because in no way was he proven guilty. I’m sure the Democrats will stick with their false narrative because they believe women will buy into it. And you won’t hear the truth from the liberal mainstream media either.

The Supreme Court should interpret the Constitution as written and rule based on the law. It should ignore partisan politics and the image of the Court. It’s that simple.

Craig Chilton

Bonney Lake

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