Take a deep breath and count your blessings

Look around at all you have — and make sure you drink water.

We are vaccinated, boosted and wear masks when entering stores and public establishments. We feel good about that. Our trash and recycle was picked up this week. Our electrical situation is now stable throughout the grid we’re on. We have groceries. The snow has melted. We are far enough from the coast to avoid a potential tsunami from an erupting volcano that happened the day of this writing. We’re high enough to avoid flooding from rain or melting snow. We have gas in our cars. As senior citizens our health is good. We have wonderful friends we stay in touch with and hobbies we enjoy.

We’ve experienced Zoom meetings! We have lived, loved, and take nothing for granted. We are technically educated enough to navigate well on our computers. We laugh a lot. We’ve watched and streamed more movies and shows these last 2 years that we cannot count them. We count our blessings, but certainly don’t live in a denial bubble. We are all living in extraordinary times. Awareness is crucial. Easy does it. One day at a time. Take deep breaths. Love on your dog or cat. It lowers your blood pressure. Don’t panic. Take safety measures and understand as tough as this pandemic is, it will pass. Patience, faith, and kindness are huge tools we tend to use. Eat your oatmeal. It’s good for you.

I retired from a company that practiced the Golden Rule in business and within the core of its employees. Yes, right here in Enumclaw.

Fortunately, I grew up and went to school in Enumclaw. I had fabulous teachers. I can still sing our Alma mater. I learned to read and write in public schools. I found my gift of music in public school which opened an even larger window of joy through my entire lifetime. To this day I marvel at the good that has happened in my life outside of my family, all because of where I grew up. Take care my friends. We are all in this together. Anger won’t make it go away or denial. Being kind, thoughtful and descent to each other just might make it resolve faster. I pray a lot. More so lately.

I’ve always enjoyed reading the Courier-Herald. They print all types of editorial opinions and views. Lately, I will check out the name of the author of a submitted letter first. That saves a lot of my time. I care enough for my emotional wellbeing before diving into the same old angry, finger pointing stuff. Negativity will eat you up from the inside out. Again, we will get through this. Count your blessings. I thank God for our doctors, teachers, truck drivers, our police department, farmers, and laborers. Sometimes it’s the little things that keep us going. Oh, yes. Drink your water. As much as I dislike drinking it, it’s also good for you.

Trudy D’Armond