Thank you to our mail carriers, our everyday heroes

Our mail carrier put out a fire while on their route.

Let me first start off saying that everyday hardworking heroes come along all the time; most of the time without the recognition they deserve. Today I am writing to give a huge shout out to our local mail carrier Darcy Bazaar Murphy and to the Buckley Fire Department.

It was close to 95 degrees outside on Thursday, July 28, and while we were swimming in our pool, we smelled a slight fire smell. I attributed it to possibly a fire up in the hills and did not think twice about it. We have a bank of mailboxes directly behind our fence and our faithful mail carrier Darcy was out in the heat and trying to stay cool as she delivered the mail.

That day she noticed that a few feet from the mail boxes there was a small fire in the bark next to a bush. Darcy had my husband hand her buckets of water from our pool and she got the fire put out! She’s basically a superhero/honorary fire fighter, and a mail carrier. A reminder to all to be kind to her and other mail carriers as they are pulling double duty in the summer heat. Darcy definitely deserves a huge round of applause and a huge thank you from us for noticing this fire, staying calm, and acting so quickly to put it out.

Second, I couldn’t get a hold of 911 to report the fire, but called the Buckley Fire Department directly and they came right over to double check that the fire was out. They soaked the ground some more and dug around the bark to make sure the fire hadn’t spread under the ground. Thank you so much Buckley FD! Your response time was excellent and you really put our minds at ease with how prompt, thorough and professional you are.

Julie Goetz