The issue of immigration is far more nuanced than ‘secure our border’

If you want to stop immigration, be prepared to lose a lot of services our society has come to rely on.

Editor’s note: This letter is in response to “Lyin’ Biden at the State of the Union”, published Feb. 15.

“If an American won’t do a job and you can find someone who will do that job, they ought to be allowed to do it legally, on a temporary basis” – President George W. Bush

I am convinced that Buss would be angry if the sun came out. Beware.

I met a young man not too long ago. He is from Central America. He spoke very little English. This young man had the gumption to somehow emigrate to Seattle and to land a job working in the kitchen at a sushi restaurant in Tukwila. Who does that? This young man did not come to this country to beg for change in a freeway on/off-ramp or to terrorize you. He wants to work and to realize the American Dream like most immigrants who come to this country! Immigrants are coming to the U.S. to fill job vacancies that desperately need to be filled (e.g. medicine, nursing, technology, engineering, research, manufacturing, meat packing, farming, nursing home caretakers, housekeeping, laundry, restaurant, and landscaping) because Americans are unable to or are unwilling to fill such vacancies.

Buss doesn’t protest the tens of thousands of Ukranians entering the U.S. in the last year. Buss doesn’t complain about the U.S. history of Europeans whose immigration to the U.S. constituted the bulk of the migration to the U.S. before the end of the Cold War. Is it because Buss believes European immigration (only) to the U.S. is encouraged, acceptable and OK?

I know that Buss knows that fentanyl is being smuggled from China through U.S.-Mexico controlled borders and not in the backpacks of desperate migrants crossing the borders on foot. It is irresponsible and scapegoating to suggest that the poor migrants are the cause of the fentanyl epidemic in the U.S.

A majority of Americans polled want both; border security and they want better treatment for those here illegally. Meanwhile, Republicans continue to be generally insincere and fail to offer an immigration reform plan at all.

President Biden is using the same economic strategy and playbook that was successful for President Obama. Economy under President Obama? The U.S. did not have to suffer from a federal government shutdown during Obama’s administration. President Obama inherited an American economy that was in a deep recession thanks to Bush. After examining all of the usual economic indicators, I can safely argue that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 involved $831 billion of economic stimulus including tax cuts, unemployment benefits, adding infrastructure spending and managed to bailout investment banks and two auto companies. Not bad.

Also, the federal deficit and unemployment decreased significantly under the Obama administration. Trump inherited a strong economy. Look it up.

Readers here want to know: Buss, are you enjoying your monthly Social Security benefit? The same Social Security plan that many Republicans are threatening to gut if they have their way.

Stanley McKie