There are many alternatives to abortion

Most women who get an abortion say they can’t afford a child, but adoption is always an option.

On 5/22 columnist Rich Elfers wrote regarding the “New attacks on Roe v. Wade.” He bemoaned the conservative dominated SCOTUS, and further expressed the necessity of measuring “mercy and justice” in life and death matters (abortion). Sadly the aborted children are extended no such merciful measure of justice, and their only crime was to be conceived. Then unceremoniously removed from what should be the safest sanctuary, the womb. Mr. Elfers further stated maturity, self-awareness, and reason rapidly dissipate when emotions come into play, ergo, abortion needs be under an objective, ethical, moral microscope. Having held over 40 family babies (sons, grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc.), I’ve exercised my emotions plenty when I cuddled them and cannot fathom facing the future without any of those people. Yep, it was an emotionally tangible experience, but a natural one.

Elfers urges a mature compromise on this issue. Okay, let’s look at a combination of reasons surveyed by the Guttmacher Institute, which asked women what their No. 1 reason for having an abortion was:

• Only 4 percent of the abortions are performed for health reasons

• 3 percent cited “possible” fetal abnormalities

• Less than .5 percent cited rape

• 6 percent indicated parental pressure

• 23 percent expressed an inability to afford a child

And according to

• 45-50 percent of women have more than one abortion

• 8 percent not wanting to be a single parent

• 926 million abortions performed annually—down 12% since 2011

• 4 out of 10 attend a church regularly

Why not require an ultrasound that the would-be mother could see and then make a decision? Dr. L. Lacroix of Planned Parenthood on why women shouldn’t see such an ultrasound picture: “Abortion is a hard enough thing for any woman to decide without the torture of seeing the baby on the ultrasound screen.” (LifeNews) So the doctor knows there’s a “baby” and emotional involvement. So much for making an unemotional, mercifully measured, just response, as recommended by the columnist.

Mr. Elfers claims the “callous conservatives” have “little” concern for a child once it is born. What about encouraging adoption? (Thanks to a 17 year old teenager who chose to give her baby to my sister, I have a lovely niece). There are between 1-2 million people wanting to adopt, which takes up to a year to fulfill the requirements. However, statistics show that abortion-minded women are twice as likely to refuse this solution because of the “emotional” stresses of the babies’ continued existence.

Recently, Governor Inslee signed a statement declaring Washington a sanctuary state for undocumented immigrants. Yet, the unborn children’s sanctuaries in the wombs are invaded and they are summarily terminated. Metaphorically, are not these innocent unborn “immigrants” seeking a life in our society entitled to the same protection? Sadly it is easier to abort a child than to deport a criminal undocumented person.

I may have to tolerate the present abortion laws, however, I will not compromise my beliefs regarding pre-born life.

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There are many alternatives to abortion

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