Time for Trump to cede the election

There is no evidence of voter fraud.

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I have remained silent about this election, but I really fear that the America I grew up in is in danger of fundamental and permanent harm. I have three young sons and I want them to have the opportunity to grow up in the greatest nation the world has ever known. There is no way that even if there was some fraud that there would be enough to change the outcome.

Remember, even Fox News Called the race for Biden. Also, if there was all this Democrat fraud how did the GOP House pick up seats and also hold the Senate? Is he really saying that the Democrats just committed fraud on the president? And still, let Trump receive 48 percent of the vote? Why, just to make it look close? To quote our the president-elect, “Come on man!”

You can’t have it both ways! There were many conservative Republicans that just wanted to see change, like the Democrats. They wanted to have someone as president they can be proud of, instead of a foul-mouthed, disrespectful bully that calls people derogatory names when they disagree with him.

I tell my boys that this behavior is unacceptable. What if President Obama had done half of this stuff? I believe that most want a president that will unite the country and more importantly stop the harmful rhetoric that is dividing the country. He claims the cities will burn under a Biden presidency. Hey guess what, they are burning now!

Believe me, I don’t care who you voted for. It is your right to make a choice. But 5 million more people voted for Biden. Every Secretary of State and election officials in both red and blue states have said the same thing, there is none, zero evidence of wide scale voter fraud or deception. Now more than ever we need to be united!

It is time for President Trump to stop making all of these unfounded accusations and accept the reality that he lost. He is destroying the public’s faith in our elections. He needs to put the health and safety of America ahead of his own need to be “loved” by all Americans. He needs to pass the message to his supporters and other GOP politicians. It’s in the best interest of our country to accept Biden as president. Remember, when he succeeds, we all succeed. Nobody says Trump can’t run again in 2024.

But the 2020 election is over! America is ready and needs to move forward and defeat this virus, heal the economy, and bring back civility to America!

I live here in Enumclaw, and most of my friends, neighbors and family supported Trump. I did not. I don’t understand their positions and they don’t understand mine. And that’s OK! We are all Americans. I just hope that we can find a way to heal the division for the sake of our children. They deserve the opportunity to experience America as I have.

Tony Deaugustine


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