Trump has knowledge, skills to run the country

I’m far more interested in Trump’s abilities than what his opponents point out as “flaws.”

Editor’s note: This letter is in response to the June 10 letter, “Pertinent questions remain unanswered in letter response.”

I did not address your aircraft pilot analogy as I saw it as an obvious attempt at sensationalism and irrelevant. The presidency is not like flying an aircraft where only one or two people control the flight. The presidency is like the head of a corporation surrounded by hundreds of staff and advisers. I have no reservations that Donald Trump has (your words) the “basic knowledge, intelligence and responsibility” for the job. Since its creation, the presidency has operated with chief executives of all manner of experience and personalities.

I could care less why he chooses not to disclose his tax records as they are not, nor never have been, required. It could have something to do with the despicable and fanatical obsession of the left using every disgusting and imaginable means to tarnish (or not report) his accomplishments and to turn voters against him and he knows that regardless what the records contain they would be used to ridicule or to obfuscate the left’s failure to do their jobs as elected representatives. His tax records are a deceptive political subterfuge!

It’s interesting you pin the effects of COVID on the President when it was the Democrats that screamed when he stopped China travel the day after WHO declared the emergency. Democrats dithered and vacillated on what to do. Trump’s curtailment of travel and imposed shutdown have been credited with saving up to 60 million lives. Conveniently you forget, or ignore, he orchestrated the strongest, most robust economy in the history of the U.S. with the lowest unemployment in all measured categories. An economy that did more for people’s pride, self esteem, confidence and equality than all the food stamps, unemployment and welfare checks cashed the last administration. If re-elected I have every confidence President Trump will do everything possible to bring most, if not all, the jobs back.

I have absolutely no problem with legal immigration. It’s the illegal entry, non-immigrants, I oppose! Enforcement of our laws, including immigration, should be a priority for all people – not a political debate. If you don’t agree with a law work to change it.

As I said in my last letter I subscribe to the “action speaks louder than words” philosophy. We’ve had plenty of presidents (and other politicians) that spoke well but did little. I often smile, and sometimes cringe, when I hear what Trump says but I remind myself he is not a politician and that he has done more good for this country in three years than most do in their careers. I look forward to four more years of President Trump’s “entertainment” and “accomplishments!”

If Biden had any record of accomplishments (which he does not) and we could separate his words from those he routinely plagiarizes from others we might have some idea of his agenda. However, I find it improbable that, after 40-plus years of doing nothing but talk, Joe would miraculously change.

In your closing paragraph, after citing personal beliefs and non factual, political tripe, you equate your opinions to fact based mathematics and science when theater or drama seem more appropriate to your comments.

Harold Borland

Bonney Lake