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Vaccine mandates go against the grain of freedom

Hundreds of people are now out of work, and yet no one is any safer for it.

Governor Inslee has fired hundreds of experienced state employees. Inslee asked, “Do you like your career? If you do you will get vaccinated or be fired.” So, state employees had to make an unnecessary choice of getting fired or get a vaccination. A vaccine that does not prevent you from getting Covid, does not prevent you from dying from Covid or prevent you from passing Covid on to other vaccinated people. Where is the logic in this policy?

For the last 18 months we have asked the state employees, many of them frontline workers, to show up for work to help keep this state and country moving during Covid. These state frontline workers were told to wear a mask and maintain six feet of distance so everybody could stay safe.

What has changed in these last 18 months? Why now are they not safe and subject to be fired? Governor Inslee could have told them to get tested once a week and continue wearing masks. Now, hundreds of people are out of work and no one is any safer.

The state of Washington is not the only entity doing this. The federal government and other governments have joined forces with corporations and the media to force this immoral policy. Tens of thousands of people across America will be out of work due to this mandate. The Democrats thought the jobs numbers in September were bad, wait until this mandate takes effect. And no one will be safer. Governments and corporations need to look at Texas and Florida in regards to handling Covid.

It seems the Covid vaccination cards are ushering this country into a “show me your walking papers” society. You want your job? Show me your walking papers. Do you want to eat at this restaurant? Show me your walking papers. You want to watch the Seahawks game at the stadium? Show me your walking papers. Any government official that supports these mandates are part of the problem. And no one is any safer.

How did this country get to this point? Where people have to choose between their career or getting a vaccination? We don’t do this for the flu. These vaccine mandates are wrong. They go against the grain of freedom. They are just plain evil. And any government official that goes along with this nonsense, in my mind, are evil.

There are alternatives to firing people. Hospital workers, store employees, police officers, doctors, nurses, firefighters, all frontline employees that helped this country through Covid will now face the unemployment line. All because Democrat politicians like Jay Inslee and President Joe Biden are not smart enough to figure out alternatives and about half of the voting population aren’t smart enough to figure out these politicians are not smart enough to guide us through turmoil.

With the unemployment that’s about to hit us and the issue with the supply lines for goods, this country will face a long, dark winter. You can’t blame Trump anymore. Down with Democrat rule.

Jon Buss


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