Vote for Democrats to heal our democracy

Republicans only want to reverse the progress we’ve made.

Inflation and high gas prices are world wide and not this administration’s fault. Two years of COVID-depressed demand for goods and gas so prices remained low, world wide. Relief from COVID restrictions caused a hiring boom and a demand boom for goods and gas, world wide, ergo, rampant inflation, again, world wide.

This administration has passed several bills that are very important to getting and keeping our economy moving in the right direction, addressing infrastructure, climate change and returning jobs from overseas by encouraging manufacturing of important components previously built in China.

To pay for these programs, this administration has passed bills to tax, more fairly, people making over $400,000 a year and corporations; the response from corporations has been inflated prices and huge profits to make Biden look bad.

This administration has put a cap on insulin prices and allowed Medicare to negotiate with drug companies to reduce drug prices, which Republicans oppose. In fact, Republicans have stated that they will roll back most of these laws if they get control of Congress. That is always their plan, if you can call it a plan: do everything for the very well-off in our country and let everyone else fend for themselves and then blame them for our country’s problems.

Why more people cannot see this totally escapes me. We, as a nation, agree to tax ourselves for the good of the whole country, but Republicans want to take away any and all programs that help the less fortunate among us at the expense of more tax cuts for the rich. “Trickle Down Economics” has never worked and it never will.

Please open your eyes and vote for Democrats. Republicans have made it clear that they just want power, even at the expense of our democracy. Just sayin’.

On another note, thanks to Shawn Johnson and Eugene Clegg for responding to Jon Buss and his usual screed filled with half truths and outright lies.

Larry Benson