Vote no against school bond

We need new schools, but a new sports stadium and performing arts center is too much.

Can you afford to pay an additional $20,000 dollars in taxes? If the taxable value of your home is just over $600,000, you will pay nearly $20,000 over the life of the Enumclaw school Feb 14 bond proposal. Nearly $1,000 a year for 20 years. This is in addition to the 2015 bond we are already paying until 2036, and in addition to all of our other taxes.

I support the various levy’s related to technology and O&M, and even some of the capital projects proposed in this bond. But we can spend more wisely. Do we really need a brand new world class athletic facility so we can host regional and state competitions. Will the tax payers still need to pay for the city-owned facilities at Pete’s Pool? Is there a way to create a public partnership for investment in the existing facilities that would benefit the school district and the City and reduces the capital cost overall?

Why are we even considering Enumclaw taxpayers financing yet another new school in Black Diamond when the developer for Ten Trails has only been asked to pay a tiny percent of what the schools needed to serve their new growth will cost. We recently built a brand new school in Black Diamond and it was supposed to have excess capacity for growth. Now another new school for Black Diamond. The school administration and cities can and should increase the developer share.

Asking our small community to pay so much, especially when we can expect more school tax increases in the near future as Black Diamond continues to grow from a 1,000 new homes to 6,000 homes is far too much. I believe it is our obligation as a community to support our schools, our community, and local business and arts. However, for the first time, it breaks my heart to say, that I will vote no on the February 14 school bond.

Cindy Proctor