Vote ‘no’ on Enumclaw School District’s tech levy

The district has enough money — don’t give them more.

The very compelling reason to vote against the Enumclaw School District tech levy is: In 2013-2014 the state provided an average of $10,371.40 per student. In a 30-student classroom that’s $311,142 per class. In the fiscal year 2018-2019 state funding rose to $14,239.32 which brings 30-student classroom funding to $427,179.60 per classroom. Enumclaw School District received even more money at $14,750 per student.

Remember the last levy the voters passed? The school district wanted over $80,000,000 for 2 schools and promised a new “state of the art” performing arts building and a brand new gym at the high school.

A very short time after passing the levy by a mere four votes, the school district announced, with no apology, we are $22,000,000 short on what we sold you, so you don’t get the new performing arts building or the new gym. And they got away with it. Vote NO! They have plenty of money.

Ted DeVol


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Vote ‘no’ on Enumclaw School District’s tech levy

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