WA rightly approves I-976

Socialists hate Tim Eyman for his common sense.

County Executive Dow Constantine: “We must clean up another mess that Tim Eyman has created for our state, our region, and our economy.”

Of course the socialists in King County always reject the will of the majority when we reject their policies.

The voters outside the socialist conclaves are sick of their never-ending desire to confiscate more of their hard earned money for their social engineering and money in their pockets projects. We are particularly sick of King County ruling our lives.

The real mess is always when the socialists get their draconian and self-serving policies into law while the common man, with common sense lacking in a socialist, always pay the price.

Tim Eyman is on the side of the common sense and the common man, and that is why the socialists hate him.

Elaine Biggerstaff

Bonney Lake