Where is the left’s anger at faith-based programs now?

Crickets … the sound of a lonely frog…the rapid fire buzzing of a misquote dancing around your ear looking for its next meal. Are these the sounds of a calm summer night? Nope, this is the sound of the response from the ACLU and other leftist groups about President Obama’s “Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships” scheme.

When GWB proposed his Faith-Based Initiative he was, pardon me, crucified by the press and left-wing groups. Cries of forcing religion down upon the American public were the norm. But what now? Where are the strident voices reminding us (incorrectly) about the “wall of separation between church and state”? That particular line has been twisted from its writer’s original intent for decades. When he wrote those words to the Danbury Baptist Association in 1802, Thomas Jefferson was stressing the need to protect our churches from intrusion by the state…not the other way around!

The president’s plan calls for our church leaders to preach the gospel of climate change and the “greening” of America. It calls for the establishment of “faith offices” in local-level offices of…get ready for it…the Environmental Protection Agency. Environmental justice will be the scripture of the day. Praise be to Obama! Exalted be his name!

Plan X from outer space – oops sorry, I mean the president’s plan – offers grants, loans and assistance with utilities to our churches all for the small price of pushing his progressive agenda. A true blending of “church and state.”

What was that sound?

Oh that’s nuttin’ – just Jefferson rolling in his grave.

The “fundamental transformation of America” rolls on – wake up, America.

Tim Personius


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