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Worried about pollution? Check the litter box

Inslee and the Democrats should pay attention to one of the biggest poo-lluters around

On a recent Tuesday morning I exited the house to put up my flag. Suddenly I broke into a Texas two-step to avoid a spot where a dog had emptied himself on my lawn. Several days later a similar event occurred. Prior to these incidents, on a return walk home as I rounded one of my flower beds, a signature purple bag full of “dog exhaust” laid among the plants. Plus, when disposing my garage I find purple bags of poo in my garbage can.

Our enviro-Governor Inslee and the Democrats have their feet on the legislative accelerators speeding towards a carbon neutral Washington state. However, no Fido or Friskie fiat has appeared to combat these critters’ “poo-lution” problem. Housing areas grow and the number of animals increases as well.

Perhaps a reminder from two years ago is in order. What is the impact of 163+ million U.S. carnivore cats/dogs (pets) on the environment? According to a UCLA study (Alison Hewitt –2017), Friskies and Fidoes annually generate 64 million tons of carbon dioxide—equivalent to 13.6 million vehicles. This creates 25-30 percent of the carbon footprint of all meat consumers.

U.S. pet meat consumption ranks fifth globally behind the people populations of Russia, Brazil, United States, and China. In processing their food, the U.S. cats and dogs annually exhaust 5.1+ million tons of feces, as much as 90 million Americans. By some estimates it’s enough to fill a line of tractor-trailers from Seattle to Boston. Plus, the feline litter would cover 5,000 football fields 10’ deep—GO SEAHAWKS!—but watch where you step.

Coupled with the carbon footprint, between 20-30 percent of water borne bacteria comes from the 40 percent of dog waste not picked up by urban dwellers in watershed areas. In Cleveland and Detroit between 10-50 percent of air borne bacteria comes from dog feces left on the ground. Where are the pick-up police when you need them? Oh, Inslee, the Dems and county/city councils defunded them, so the owners should do the job.

The lawmakers cannot continue poo-pooing this poo-lution problem, and dooty demands they confront these issues. Enact an increasing annual licensing fee for all cats and dogs, and, mandate more gerbil, hamster and guppy sales. Act now to save our planet!

George Terhaar


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