Letter to the Editor: Here’s how your fire department is helping you

Commissioner Amy Trachte thanks Enumclaw for lifting the levy cap for EFD.

Enumclaw Fire Department voters supported a fire levy lid in last year’s election. First and foremost, we want to say thank you for this show of support.

Our “fire department” is actually a fire district that serves the city of Enumclaw and the surrounding unincorporated areas, specifically 22.500 people over 56 square miles. We rely on full-time and volunteer emergency personnel to respond to an average of 2,800 calls a year, 78% of which are for emergency medical service.

As the Chair for your elected Board of Fire Commissioners, I want to report back on the projects we have completed that were promised: Three firefighters have been hired to respond to higher call volumes. We also have two aid cars on order to replace some that are aging out of service. These purchases are made without borrowing money, which costs taxpayers more in interest payments.

Accountability and transparency are critical for government at any level. We will continue to share information with you through our website, newsletter and the news media. This is your fire district and we encourage you to learn more at www.enumclawfire.org.

Thank you again.

Amy Trachte

Enumclaw Fire Department Board of Fire Commissioners, Chairperson