Art returns to city hall; featured artist Aaron Lynn

Enumclaw’s city hall is once again displaying Pacific Northwest art.

Enumclaw’s city hall is once again displaying Pacific Northwest art.

The displays were put on hold when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, meaning it’s been about a year and a half since the building was decked out in local art.

Artwork is typically displayed for a month, though the current artist’s pieces will be displayed likely through January.

Up until now, the art program has been rather informal, with artists simply approaching the city’s Art Commission if they were interested in participating. According to Cultural Programs and Events Coordinator Alina Hibbs, the city is working on making the application process a bit more formal.

If you’re interested in having your artwork displayed at city hall, contact Hibbs at or 253-263-3380.


The following was submitted by the artist:

A lifelong resident of the Great Pacific Northwest, artist Aaron Lynn is someone who creates with conviction. A carpenter, he has built living spaces designed to last for decades. The images he paints onto canvas carry that same strength, with a boldness of color and line unique to his work. An outdoorsman and fisherman, the landscapes of the Northwest often influence his art, and the quiet meditation of the fisherman can be felt in the surrealist edge of his paintings. Lynn’s work offers a world within a world — a simple image of a tree contains within it an entire dreamscape, a vivid reveal of what lies beyond. It is evident Lynn views the world through a spiritual lens, through which deeper truths can be seen.

A father and a husband, Lynn’s love of family inspires him to both work and create, to build and maintain. Dedication and discipline are rarely mentioned when art is discussed,but that are necessary ingredients in the creation of successful art — he has both in spaces. Lynn has been an artist his entire life and his style is self-made, honed by years of steady development. What has evolved over time is a body of work remarkably strong and yet beautifully soft, creating a ying-yang balance.