ESD hosts first-ever Career and Cultural Festival

Local students (and maybe more importantly, graduating seniors) were able to explore different career paths at the fair.

Enumclaw High School students celebrated the end of the year with the district’s first-ever Career and Cultural Festival last week.

On June 7, students were able to explore 50 vendors that offered local career opportunities and community service programs that they could choose to explore after they graduate.

“The EHS Career and Cultural Carnival was not just an end-of-year celebration but a meaningful event that equipped students with knowledge, connections, and inspiration for their future careers,” Director of Communications Jessica McCarney said in a press release. “Enumclaw High School looks forward to continuing this new tradition and further strengthening the bonds between education, career opportunities, and the community.”

And this wasn’t just an event for students to explore possible futures, but to also showcase their own work and talents: the EHS Auto Club proudly presented the range of vehicles and equipment they’ve worked on over the year, while student musicians put on live music and artists face painted both students and members of the public, who were allowed at the event in the afternoon.

There were also cultural food trucks to offer various delicacies to promote diversity (and good food to boot).