Max, George Top 2023’s List of 10 Most Popular Pet Names in Enumclaw | King County

Enumclaw residents registered 1,153 dogs and 352 cats this year.

The following is a press release from King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn and Regional Animal Services of King County:

With the start of the new year, Metropolitan King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn and Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) have released their list of 2023’s top names for dogs and cats in Enumclaw.

“Licensing your pet is very important because it gives your beloved dog or cat a much better chance of finding their way back home should they ever get lost,” Dunn said. “As an added bonus, you can know that the licensing fee you pay is going to a good cause—supporting RASKC’s shelter, pet adoption program, veterinary care, and other services for animals in need.”

“Thank you for licensing your pets,” Dr. Gene Mueller, RASKC Manager, said. “Good identification, such as the pet license worn on your pet’s collar or your pet’s microchip registered in our system, is a quick ticket home for a lost companion! “

In 2023, Enumclaw residents registered 1,153 dogs and 352 cats. The most popular names given to furry family members were:

Top 10 Dog Names

1) Max

2) Lucy

3) Charlie

4) Daisy

5) Buddy

6) Bella

7) Molly

8) Jack

9) Bear

10) Sophie

Top 10 Cat Names

1) George

2) Oscar

3) Bella

4) Lily

5) Max

6) Oliver

7) Willow

8) Chloe

9) Kiki

10) Loki

There are 27 registered dogs named Max and six registered cats named George.

This list comes from pet license applications submitted to RASKC, which serves nearly one million residents living in 24 cities and unincorporated communities throughout King County.

“Every year many Enumclaw residents welcome a new furry family member into their home. The responsibility of caring for one’s pet includes a pet license. Fortunately for those in Enumclaw you can come into City Hall and purchase in our Finance Department a pet license for the year. No appointment necessary. Wishing everyone in your family (yes pets included) a safe and healthy 2024, including my favorite cat, Willow, whose name made the top 10..”

If a licensed pet is lost, the finder can call the phone number on the pet’s tag – a service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – to quickly reunite them with their owner. Pets receive a free ride home the first time they’re found, allowing owners to skip a trip to the shelter. Pet licenses also help fund RASKC and the important work it does.

In addition to handling lost pets and injured animals, pet license fees contribute to RASKC’s other vital duties, including animal neglect and cruelty investigations, a pet food bank, spay/neuter programs, pet adoption services, and other work to humanely and compassionately assist local animals.

You can purchase pet licenses online, or at more than 70 convenient locations around the county, including many city halls and QFC stores. Learn more at Regional Animal Service of King County’s website,