Northwest gardeners have plenty to be thankful for

It is time to give thanks and gardeners in the Pacific Northwest have plenty of reasons to get down on their knees in gratitude. While down there kneeling, you should also take the time to pull a few weeds, plant a few more bulbs and offer some thanks for the following:

Stainless steel football to hit auction

Jerry Hermanson and football go together like Jerry Rice and wide receivers.

Senior shares learning struggles

By all appearances, Emerald Schultz has everything going for her. She’s an 18-year-old high school senior with good grades, takes advanced-placement classes and serves as the captain of her school’s cheer team. She’s also the editor of her school’s yearbook, sings the national anthem at sporting events and performs at weddings and funerals. If that’s not enough, her drama resumé includes appearances in two TV commercials.