Who can make the best Old Fashioned?

The Simple Goodness Sisters Soda Shop in Wilkeson is holding a second annual drink festival on May 20.

Bourbon, sugar, and bitters — it’s the simplicity that’s made the Old Fashioned a popular drink since the 1880s.

But just because it’s a classic doesn’t mean it can’t be improved, which is why the Simple Goodness Sisters Soda Shop have invited distilleries from all over the PNW to craft the best version of this iconic cocktail at the second annual Old Fashioned Fest.

The event is being held this Saturday, May 20, at the soda shop in Wilkeson. Attending the event is Enumclaw’s Pursuit Distillery and Auburn’s Blackfish Distillery, as well as Fast Penny Spirits, Heritage Distilling, Temple Distilling, Westland Distilling, Big Gin, Highside Distilling, Blue Spirits and 2Bar.

All Old Fashions made at the event are required to use a Simple Goodness Sister syrup to give the drinks a unique twist.

“Last year’s event was a sold out party filling our outdoor yard, with the classic Old Fashioned recipe reinvented with everything from straight bourbon to white whiskey,” said Belinda Kelly, co-owner of the soda shop. She noted that Heritage Distillery’s recipe — Special Forces Group whisky, orange bitters, and Simple Goodness Sisters plum thyme syrup — was crowned the best last year, and is currently on draft at the shop. “This year, in addition to the tasting event, we will have a photo booth, vendor sales, DD priced tickets, and live music from Dysfunction Junction out of Tacoma.”

Because last year’s event was so crowded, Simple Goodness Sisters has staggered start times — one at 12:30 p.m., and another at 3 p.m.

Tickets are $60 and come with a tasting glass and six Old Fashioned tasting tickets. Attendees vote for their favorite drink by giving their ticket to a distillery (one point) or marking them as their favorite (two points).

Designated Drivers can buy a ticket for $30 and receive a zero-proof cocktail ticket.