Best CBD Oil Companies: Top 5 Brands in 2020

You’ve probably noticed CBD oils showing up in your social media and news feeds more frequently these days.

This is due to some recent changes in the federal legislation that governs the sale of this incredible health supplement.

If you’re interested in trying CBD oils but not quite sure where to start, we’ve got three suggestions for the best CBD oil companies to check out in 2020. We’ve also included some information on what qualities to look for when buying CBD oils.

Let’s dive straight in.

Best CBD Oil Brands (2020)

  • Royal CBD – Award Winning, Best CBD Oil Overall
  • Gold Bee – Quality Product at a Good Price
  • CBD Pure – Runner Up

1. Royal CBD — Editor’s Pick

Royal CBD - Editor's pick

Royal CBD is a prime example of what to look for in a high-quality CBD oil. They use organic hemp plants, the extraction is done using supercritical CO2 (no toxic solvents), and a sample of every batch is sent to an outside lab to be verified.

Everything this company does goes above and beyond what most CBD brands are doing — and it shows in the final product.

These oils are classified as full-spectrum CBD products — which means they contain all the active ingredients naturally produced in the hemp plant. This includes CBD along with dozens of other cannabinoids (such as CBC, CBG, CBN, THCV, and more).

These oils are also rich in various hemp-derived terpenes — which are the primary aromatic component of plants. Terpenes provide the unique flavor and aroma of hemp and hundreds of other medicinal plant species — such as citrus fruits, lavender, nutmeg, hops, chamomile, and mint and many more.

All these active ingredients contribute to the overall effect of these CBD oils. They work to boost the anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, analgesic, and immune-modulating benefits of CBD.

These oils are potent. The standard 20 mg dose of CBD from these oils is more comparable to 30 mg from the average CBD oil. A little bit of this stuff goes a long way.

Royal CBD oils come in the following potencies and flavors:

  • 250 mg CBD oil (mint, vanilla, berry, unflavored)
  • 500 mg CBD oil (mint, vanilla, berry, unflavored)
  • 1000 mg CBD oil (mint, vanilla, berry, unflavored)
  • 2500 mg CBD oil (mint, vanilla, berry, unflavored)

2. Gold Bee — Best Value

Gold Bee - Runner up

Gold Bee CBD oils are frequently included on the recommendation lists of various media outlets and industry experts. Just a few examples of reputable sources that recommend these oils include Venture Beat, SF Weekly, Orlando Weekly, Observer, Metro Times, Riverfront Times, VentureBeat, SF Examiner, and.

What makes these oils stand out above the rest is their dedication to quality. They use a very tedious extraction method that preserves as much of the active terpenes as possible.

Most CBD brands opt for efficiency at the cost of some of these sensitive terpene molecules.

The meticulous effort on behalf of Gold Bee is well worth it in the end. The rich taste of these oils offers clear evidence that these oils have much higher terpene concentrations than average.

If you’re not a fan of the natural hemp flavor, don’t worry. You can also get these oils in a delicious honey-flavored version as well, which does a great job at masking the aromatic terpenes infused in the oil.

Gold Bee CBD oils come in three separate potencies and two flavors:

  • 300 mg CBD oil (honey and unflavored)
  • 600 mg CBD oil (honey and unflavored)
  • 1200 mg CBD oil (honey and unflavored)

3. CBD Pure — Runner Up

CBD Pure is one of the leading CBD brands. They have a large and loyal customer base backing them — as indicated by the sea of positive reviews for the company online.

There are a lot of shockingly poor quality CBD products being pushed at a high markup. A lot of this is the result of a systemic lack of organization by local regulators.

Many customers have been burned after ordering expensive CBD oils from brands that simply can’t back up their claims. They’re using low-quality hemp, add insufficient doses of CBD, or charge exorbitant markup on what would otherwise be considered a cheap CBD oil.

CBD Pure has gained a lot of attention lately for differentiating itself from the rest of the market. They implement mandatory third-party testing on every batch of extract as unbiased proof that the claims they make for their oils are accurate. These tests also prove the oils are completely free from contaminants (something that’s very common in cheap hemp extracts).

CBD Pure oils contain the full-spectrum of hemp derivatives and provide excellent value for the money.

What To Look For When Shopping For CBD Products

Knowing what to look for while shopping for CBD products can save you a lot of money long-term.

Here are five key points to keep in mind when shopping for CBD oils.

A) Quality

The quality of a given CBD oil is very important. Low-quality products often contain harmful contaminants or synthetic ingredients that can be harmful to your health.

The difference between a high-quality oil and a low-quality oil can be hard to spot without testing the oil yourself.

This is why third-party testing companies exist. They’re able to offer an unbiased assessment of a CBD oil before you spend any money on it. The results will show you how much CBD is in the oil and what other cannabinoids and terpenes are present.

It also helps to look for companies with a solid track record to reduce the odds of ordering low-quality products by mistake.

B) Potency

The ideal potency of a CBD oil depends largely on the dose you’ll need. People with higher dosage requirements will do better with a more potent CBD oil, while those who only use low doses can get by with a low potency product.

Most companies offer better deals for the high potency products, so it’s usually better to order a higher potency and simply use less oil for each dose.

The most popular CBD oil dosage is 1000 mg. This dose is high enough to get a great deal but not so high that it becomes difficult to measure the right dose accurately.

C) Type of Extract

There are three types of CBD extracts — full-spectrum, CBD isolate, and broad-spectrum.

In general, the best CBD products to use are full-spectrum because they leverage the synergy of the hemp plant overall. All the active ingredients in the plant work together to provide stronger and more robust benefits.

IN some cases, you may want to go for a broad spectrum or CBD isolate oil instead. Both of these products are THC-free, which is the psychoactive cannabinoid found most abundantly in marijuana. Some employers will drug test their employees, and even trace amounts of THC in a CBD oil could result in a failed test.

The difference between CBD isolate and broad-spectrum CBD is simple — CBD isolate contains pure CBD, while broad-spectrum products contain CBD and other select cannabinoids.

D) Terpene Content

Terpenes are responsible for the aroma and flavor of hemp (and other plants). These compounds also provide a large contribution to the therapeutic profile of the oil as well.

For best results, look for CBD oils that have a high terpene concentration. These products are going to have a much stronger effect profile than CBD oils without these useful ingredients.

If you’re using a CBD isolate or broad-spectrum extract, it can help to give your CBD oil a boost with a terpene concentrate. You can buy concentrated terpenes from companies like Finest Labs to mix directly into your bottle of CBD oil for added benefit.

E) Value

Try to look past the initial cost of a CBD oil and find its value. The best metric for assessing value in a CBD product is the cost per milligram of CBD.

This metric will allow you to compare CBD oils of different potencies, bottle sizes, and qualities.

Here’s what you can expect to pay for CBD oils of different quality ratings:

  • Low-grade CBD oil — $0.08 – $0.12 per milligram CBD
  • Mid-grade CBD oil — $0.10 – $0.15 per milligram CBD
  • High-grade CBD oil — $0.12 – $0.18 per milligram CBD

To find this value, divide the total cost of the oil by its total CBD content.

Bonus Tips: What Other Supplements Should I Take With CBD?

For even greater benefit, it helps to combine other health supplements with your CBD oil.

It’s best to match the supplement with your intended health goals.

Here are a few examples to consider:

Final Thoughts: Best CBD Companies of 2020

CBD oil is everywhere these days. Unfortunately, it can be hard to know if the oil your buying is going to deliver on its claims or not. There are a lot of brands selling low-grade, potentially unsafe CBD oils at a markup.

Knowing what to look for while shopping for CBD can save you a lot of disappointment and money down the road.

Look for brands that provide third-party testing to prove their claims, offer a money-back guarantee, have a solid track record, and offer their oils at a fair price.

The best CBD brands we’ve discovered in 2020 are Royal CBD, followed by Gold Bee and CBD Pure.

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