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Bowel Guard Reviews – Peak Biome Irregular Bowel Movements Solution?

Bowel Guard is an all-natural supplement that eliminates blockages in the bowels, regardless of the kind of food that users eat. The formula helps eliminate the discomfort associated with bloating, gas, and other forms of digestive difficulty.

What is Bowel Guard?

Sometimes, the food that someone needs just doesn’t agree with them. However, this can be a sign of a much bigger problem. Many people experience constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and flatulence, which can be both painful and embarrassing to go through. Changes in diet or one of the easiest ways to fix this issue, but there are far too many people that go through immense pain in the process of waiting for these dietary changes to work period using a new supplement called Bowel Guard to change what consumers have learned to consider “normal completely.”

Bowel Guard provides the body with digestive enzymes that work through the gut to promote “blissful bowels.” Essentially, they break down the matter that can cause blockages and disruptions in the digestive process, no matter what kind of food the individual eats. With firmer stool and less bloating, consumers can feel more in control of their bodies wherever they go. Whether they go to lunch with friends or are shopping through a grocery store, they don’t have to worry about accidentally breaking wind or rushing to the bathroom.

This formula isn’t just about the way that it prevents embarrassment. It also improves the regularity of bowel movements, alleviating the pain that can come when food is not properly processed. It improves the digestion of lactose, which is especially helpful for individuals with intolerance that still need to get the nutrients that dairy products offer. It helps individuals that struggle to digest gluten, and it can increase the amount of energy users sketch from consuming carbohydrates.

Along with the support that it offers the typical foods that consumers eat, it also allows users to enjoy the treats that they normally abstain from to protect their stomach. As users improve their guts, they also directly support a healthier immune system to ensure that their body gets every bit of nutrients possible.


How Does Bowel Guard Work?

Ultimately, there are many different supplements on the market today that provide digestive enzymes to the body for better digestion, so what makes Bowel Guard different? The creators explained that this formula starts off by using the enzymes to predigest the foods that they eat. In doing so, the nutrients don’t start fermenting in the body, which would otherwise cause a buildup of hydrogen sulfide gas.

The Bowel Guard Work formula goes through an array of different enzymes that can process specific types of nutrients. The enzymes in this formula include:

  • Lipase
  • Lactase
  • Peptidase with DPP
  • Cellulase
  • Protease
  • Amylase
  • Invertase

The first of these ingredients, Lipase, is important to the digestion of fat. Fat is found in many different types of meals, but too much in the body can lead to incredible discomfort. However, these foods are often some version of comfort foods, and everyone deserves to be able to eat those without pain. Lipase may eliminate the fatty acids that could otherwise cause the entire digestive system to flood with diarrhea. Instead, the enzyme helps to keep a bowel movement solidly together. It also provides the body with vitamin D, vitamin K, vitamin E, and vitamin A.

Lactase focuses its energy on dealing with lactose, a type of sugar exclusive to dairy products. When the body doesn’t naturally create enough of this enzyme, digesting milk becomes much harder for the digestive system, leading to cramping, gas, and even diarrhea. While this formula doesn’t claim to eliminate lactose intolerance, it can provide the lactase that the body is missing.

Peptidase with DPP is crucial to the digestion of carbohydrates, bread, and other forms of gluten. By including this enzyme in the body, consumers can avoid the detrimental effects of gluten, including severe allergic reactions. Even though there are many different types of gluten-free products on the market today, it is also incredibly difficult to find them affordably. Wheat, barley, and rye all have gluten since it is a protein that keeps everything together. Rather than having to give up these kinds of foods, the use of peptidase gives consumers much more freedom. While it is not a perfect cure for individuals who face these problems, individuals that are still concerned with their ability to have gluten may want to speak with a doctor first.

The Cellulase in Bowel Guard Work may help with the breakdown of cellulose, which is the compound found in vegetables. It typically is made by fungi and bacteria, though companies will add it to the processing of coffee.

Protease helps the stomach and the rest of the digestive system handle all of the different proteins that consumers put into their bodies. Protein is essential to the body, protecting the strength of the muscles and preventing them from becoming extra flab on the body. Even if users only added this enzyme to their body, they would be able to recover rapidly from workouts.

Amylase is necessary for the conversion of starches and carbohydrates into glucose, which is an energy source for the body. Glucose is needed for nearly every cell, providing it with energy and support for the various tasks it has. This enzyme is essential for the body’s function, and it is even used in the production of food at the commercial level. Typically, amylase is found in saliva for humans and a few mammals, acting as the digestive process’s first step.

Invertase processes sucrose, which is the typical sugar that consumers have in sweets. When the digestive system processes the sugars, it can convert them into usable energy (i.e., glucose and fructose). Typically, this enzyme is created by yeast, and it is actually used in the creation of candies, like cordials and creme eggs.

The formula also includes a probiotic bacterium called saccharomyces boulardii (or S. Boulardii). It is one of the most powerful probiotics on the market today. In fact, there are some doctors that will recommend it to their children to help with the firmness of stools. The microbiome needs to be healthy to keep the bowels regular, which can also help the immune system to provide a strong defense against disease.

While improving the immune system is not a necessary step to passing firm and consistent stools, it can prevent the individual from becoming sick from exposure to various pathogens. The climate of the gut sets the tone for how effective the immune system can be, which is just an added benefit of a stronger gut.

These nutrients have to come together to help the digestive system process everything that users eat. Whether they indulge in a healthy salad with no dressing or a thick steak with a warm red center, the body needs to have the proper balance of nutrients to take in the nutrients that it offers.

Purchasing Bowel Guard

To get access to this formula from Peak Biome, consumers will need to go through the official website. Since everyone reacts differently to these improvements, a few different packages are offered to ensure that users get exactly what they need from it. While the retail cost is typical $49.95, the website currently offers:

1 bottle for $39.95 (plus $4.95 for shipping)

3 bottles for $29.95 each

6 bottles for $24.95 each

If the user finds that their digestive system doesn’t improve, they have up to a year to request a refund. This refund can be processed through the customer service team.


Frequently Asked Questions About Bowel Guard

What is the best number of bottles to order at one time?

Every person requires a different number of bottles. Individuals who are unsure of Bowel Guard’s reaction might want to start with just one bottle, while others that want the best price should go for the six-bottle package.

How does Bowel Guard stand out from similar remedies?

All of the enzymes in this formula are backed by scientific evidence to promote the best bowel movements possible. It is meant to be taken before eating a meal, allowing the formula to make a difference as the food processes.

What ingredients are included in Bowel Guard?

Bowel Guard includes saccharomyces boulardii, lipase, lactase, peptidase with DPP, cellulase, protease, amylase, and invertase.

How long does it take to feel a chance with Bowel Guard?

Bowel Guard typically takes a few days for users to see a difference initially, though some people need to take a little longer to see a difference. Always follow the instructions provided to get the effects that are promised.

Are there any side effects associated with Bowel Guard?

Since all of the ingredients are tested for purity and come from natural resources, and they have not been associated with any adverse effects. Plus, these enzymes are notably free of common allergens.

How will users get this shipment?

The orders are processed through FedEx, USPS, and UPS. Normally, purchase within the United States will be delivered within 10 business days or less. All purchases made online are entirely safe, and their shopping cart is protected with McAfee Secure.

Consumers can find out more information from the customer service team by sending a message through the online form at


Bowel Guard provides consumers with the ability to pass ideal bowel movements that aren’t painful and disruptive to the rest of the digestive system. The remedy is safe for the body, and there aren’t any experimental ingredients that consumers have to research. Every single enzyme is a compound that the body naturally has already, making it much easier for the body to accept and use. Consumers that are ready to eliminate their most unwanted digestive difficulties can invest in their supply of Bowel Guard to see how their digestive system improves.

To learn about other products by Peak Biome, please click here.

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