Foliforce Reviews – Is Robert Sinega Legit or Obvious Ripoff?

Hair loss and balding affect millions of Americans. Some scholars blame genetics, changes in dietary routines, and hormonal changes on the growing number of individuals with poor hair health.

Some experts warn that certain hair and skin products cause hair loss. Similarly, stress and aging affect the volume and strength of your mane.

Foliforce dietary formulation is a blend of natural ingredients that can enhance scalp and hair health. It supposedly addresses the root cause of hair and skin issues without giving users any side effects. What ingredients are in Foliforce? Who can use the hair regrowth supplement? Continue reading to discover more details about Foliforce dietary supplement.

About Foliforce

Foliforce is an oral supplement that enhances hair health from the root. The formulator describes it as the “key that can unlock explosive hair growth.” It revitalizes the cells under the scalp and strengthens the hair strands. Regular Foliforce use can provide users with long, sleek, and strong hair.

Robert Sinega is the formulator of Foliforce dietary supplement. He claims that he started developing hair issues in his prime years. The hair problems lowered his self-esteem. Similarly, Robert alleges he tried various hair treatments, but none was fruitful.

After several treatment procedures and medications, Robert researched natural hair regrowth formulas. He met Dr. Purvis, who explained to him the root cause of most hair issues.

Per Dr. Purvis, hair issues start as small scalp problems such as excess dandruff, dryness, and itching resulting from harmful water borne chemicals. With time, these small problems weaken the hair strands causing balding. Similarly, poor scalp health weakens the follicles, making it impossible to grow hair.


How Does Foliforce Work?

Foliforce maker claims that water can damage the hair follicles and scalp cells. Foliforce comprises natural ingredients that can reactivate dormant follicles and improve hair health. The natural nutrients supposedly stimulate growth, awakening the hair follicle naturally. The formula works in three simple stages, namely:

Stage 1 – Awaken dormant hair follicles

The natural and plant-based nutrients in Foliforce can awaken the dormant hair follicles. The creator insists that the product rejuvenates the hair follicles, making it easy to regrow hair. The regular formula cleanses the scalp and removes harmful chemicals that hinder hair growth.

Stage 2 – Restart hair growth

Foliforce is rich in ingredients that support scalp health. The daily supplementation supports natural hair regrowth regardless of hair loss.

Stage 3 – Rejuvenate hair growth cycle

The cells under the scalp must be in optimal health to support hair regrowth. Foliforce rejuvenates the scalp cells enabling continuous hair growth. It aids the scalp in the production of new hair cells. Consequently, users may experience an increase in the volume of their mane.

Foliforce supplement also increases the hair volume. It strengthens the hair strands, thus preventing further hair loss. Similarly, some users claim that Foliforce can increase the length of the hair. Also, the hair regrowth regimen can enhance the color and texture of the hair.

Foliforce creators claim that dietary formulas can lower stress levels, improve self-confidence, and enhance skin health. The 12 ingredients in the hair regrowth formula can improve brain health and support cognition.

Foliforce Ingredients

Foliforce is a blend of 12 carefully selected ingredients. The rich combination of hair regrowth supplements is supposedly doctor-formulated and manufactured in a facility that is GMP certified. All Foliforce ingredients complement each other in rejuvenating the hair follicles, improving cellular health, and protecting the scalp against various issues. The key ingredients include:

Bamboo and Horsetail Extract

Foliforce maker states that toxins in the water can affect hair health. Bamboo and horsetail extract is crucial in cleansing the hair follicles and protecting them against waterborne poisons. Studies show that bamboo is rich in antioxidants and bioflavonoids that improve cellular health. Similarly, horsetail and bamboo extracts fight against dangerous metals that can harm the hair follicles.

Bamboo and horsetail extract also supports healthy blood circulation, particularly under the scalp. Consequently, the hair cells get adequate nutrients and oxygen to support hair regrowth. The combo can also soothe the scalp and prevent dryness. Bamboo contains silica elements to facilitate faster hair growth.


The body can create collagen. Still, certain environmental and dietary factors may hinder the production of this essential hair regrowth compound. Research shows that individuals with hair issues have low collagen levels.

Collagen is necessary for strengthening the hair follicles. Similarly, it has amino acids that protect the hair against harmful elements.


Hair comprises several protein structures. The muscle growth compound is crucial in restoring hair elasticity and stimulates keratin production. Without keratin, the hair molecules disintegrate and break. Similarly, keratin protects the hair from excessive dryness. It may also improve the hair texture and luster.

Vitamin C and B6

Foliforce describes the vitamins as natural “hair growers.” Vitamins protect the scalp from excessive dryness, dandruff attack, and itchiness. Similarly, vitamins are immune enhancers that may reduce the risk of developing scalp infections. Further, vitamins B6 and C mineralize the scalp, thus liberating the follicles from harmful substances.

Vitamins also protect the hair from thinning. B6 and C strengthen the hair strands and may improve the hair volume and texture.

Hyaluronic Acid and Acerola Cherry

Foliforce uses a hyaluronic and Acerola cherry combo to accelerate hair regrowth and rejuvenate the follicles. Also, the two ingredients act as natural armor around the hair and skin, thus fighting infections.

Foliforce Benefits and Features

  • Foliforce is available online without a prescription
  • Foliforce promises to support hair regrowth in individuals of all ages
  • It can improve the hair volume
  • It enhances the hair sheen and texture
  • It strengthens the hair follicles and strands, thus preventing hair loss
  • It may support healthy blood circulation
  • It comprises various vitamins and antioxidants that augment immunity.
  • It may protect the hair scalp from dandruff, itching, and infections
  • It may lower stress and anxiety levels, thus supporting sleep quality
  • It may eliminate bad cholesterol and support healthy blood pressure
  • In combination with other nutrients, Foliforce may facilitate weight loss

Foliforce Dosage

Foliforce is presented in the form of powder. The maker recommends mixing two Foliforce scoops with water and consuming it after breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Most customers supposedly start noticing significant hair growth after 30 days. Still, Foliforce recommends using the supplement for over 90 days to completely revitalize the scalp and hair follicles.

Side Effects

Foliforce is supposedly made from natural ingredients only. The manufacturer cites that thousands of customers have used the formula, and there are zero reports of anyone getting any unpleasant side effects.

Still, Foliforce is strictly for adults. In addition, pregnant, nursing, and individuals with any health issues should refrain from using the product without their doctor’s consent.

Foliforce Pricing and Availability

Foliforce is not available in any online and offline stores. Customers can purchase the hair regrowth powder only via the official website. Foliforce is supposedly in high demand. Therefore, customers must opt for the 3 or 6 months package.

Foliforce’s website is 100% secure and user-friendly. The maker claims it takes less than two minutes to enter the payment information. The company makes discreet shipping to your address in less than six business days. All Foliforce orders above three bottles come with free US shipping.


Money-back Guarantee

Foliforce offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Foliforce is a hair health supplementation containing 12 science-backed ingredients. The hair regrowth supplement is supposedly doctor-formulated. It comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, and customers can get great discounts on multiple bottles.

Foliforce fixes hair issues from the root. It has powerful super ingredients to improve the hair follicles, strengthen hair strands, and nourish scalp cells. It supposedly awakens the dormant follicles hence facilitating natural hair growth. Foliforce supposedly has natural ingredients and is thus unlikely to give users any adverse side effects.

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