Gluco Tune Pro Reviews: Legit Blood Sugar Pills or Fake Scam

Gluco Tune Pro is a nutritional supplement that claims to support healthy blood sugar levels. By taking Gluco Tune Pro daily, you can purportedly reach your ideal blood sugar level without using prescription diabetes medication.

Does Gluco Tune Pro really work? Can you really reverse diabetes? What’s inside Gluco Tune Pro? Find out everything you need to know about Gluco Tune Pro and how it works today in our review.

What is Gluco Tune Pro?

Gluco Tune Pro is a nutritional supplement sold exclusively online through their official website.

As you may have guessed from the name, Gluco Tune Pro claims to support healthy blood glucose (blood sugar) levels. The supplement is marketed to people with diabetes.


Most doctors tell people with diabetes to take insulin and other medication to manage blood sugar. Your body doesn’t produce enough insulin, so you take insulin medication to balance the effects.

However, Gluco Tune Pro’s makers claim you can reach your ideal blood sugar levels without using doctor-prescribed medication. By taking two capsules of Gluco Tune Pro daily, you can purportedly support healthy blood sugar levels, even if you’ve struggled with diabetes for years.

Obviously, there are plenty of diabetes supplement scams online today. Many supplements claim without evidence to “reverse” diabetes, for example, using ingredients like cinnamon extract and ALA.

Is Gluco Tune Pro yet another supplement scam? Or is this the genuine diabetes supplement you’ve been waiting for? Let’s take a closer look at how Gluco Tune Pro works.

How Does Gluco Tune Pro Work?

Gluco Tune Pro is a 100% natural diabetes supplement that claims to target the root cause of type 2 diabetes: a faulty immune system.


Science tells us that diabetes is caused by a mixture of genetics, diet, and lifestyle choices. However, the makers of Gluco Tune Pro claim that’s not the case. They insist that your immune system causes diabetes.

Gluco Tune Pro targets your immune system and other areas of your body, helping your body defend itself against diabetes.

Here’s how the company explains the methods of action:

“GlucoTune Pro is the only clinically proven and all-natural supplement that will allow you to target the real root cause of weight gain and kickstart your metabolism, burning fat on auto-pilot so that you can reclaim your beauty and confidence!”

In other words, Gluco Tune Pro doesn’t just claim to help you balance blood sugar. It also claims to help you lose weight by kickstarting your metabolism.

Gluco Tune Pro, like most supplements, contains no genetically modified ingredients. The supplement is not habit-forming. The company also claims their formula is “completely safe” for anyone to use, even if you have struggled with severe diabetes for years.

Just take two capsules of Gluco Tune Pro daily with water, then support blood sugar quickly.

Gluco Tune Pro Ingredients

Gluco Tune Pro contains 9 active ingredients, including strong doses of vitamin A, zinc, and taurine, along with lower doses of quercetin, bilberry fruit, and lycopene.


Together, these ingredients purportedly support blood sugar, metabolism, and weight loss, eliminating the root cause of diabetes.

Here’s the full list of ingredients in Gluco Tune Pro and how they work:

  • 1,5000mcg (1,667% DV) of Vitamin A
  • 25mg (227% DV) of Zinc
  • 400mg of Taurine
  • 200mg of N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine
  • 100mg of Grape Seed
  • 100mg of Quercetin
  • 80mg of Bilberry
  • 20mg of Lutein
  • 3mg of Lycopene

Gluco Tune Pro also contains a surprisingly long list of inactive ingredients, which appear to be fillers, binders, and preservatives. The company uses gelatin to form the capsule, for example, along with powders like di-calcium phosphate, magnesium stearate, stearic acid, and microcrystalline cellulose to bind the formula together.

Oddly, Gluco Tune Pro’s makers claim their formula is “100% vegetarian,” although the supplement uses a gelatin capsule. Gelatin is made from cow or pig parts, and it’s not vegan or vegetarian whatsoever. Unless Gluco Tune Pro uses a non-animal source of gelatin, Gluco Tune Pro is not vegan or vegetarian, and it’s dangerous to advertise the supplement as such.

Who Created Gluco Tune Pro?

Gluco Tune Pro was created by a man who calls himself Robert Jones. Robert struggled with diabetes for years, so he decided to research natural cures for diabetes. He stumbled upon the ingredients in Gluco Tune Pro, and he now sells the formula online.

Robert is a 54-year old researcher from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. He’s careful to explain he’s not a doctor, although he’s confident his supplement will support blood sugar levels even in severe diabetics.

Robert used Gluco Tune Pure to reverse his own diabetes. Robert realized he needed to find a natural cure for his diabetes after experiencing dangerous side effects from an insulin shot.

Robert claims he was celebrating his birthday and preparing to eat a big meal. He took an insulin shot, then walked outside to greet friends and family. Robert passed out because of the insulin shot, then woke up in a hospital bed.

After waking up, Robert’s doctor told him he was “immune” to diabetes medication. Insulin shots and other diabetes medication no longer worked on Robert. His doctor told him to stop taking diabetes medication because it was useless. In fact, Robert’s doctor told him he only had 3 weeks to live.

Following that incident, Robert decided to find a cure for diabetes. He no longer wanted to take the insulin prescribed by his doctor. Instead, he wanted to find a cheaper, more natural way to manage his diabetes.

To make a long story short, Robert researched the ingredients in Gluco Tune Pro, then tested the formula on himself. His diabetes symptoms stopped, and Robert could eat whatever foods he liked without taking insulin shots.

Based on the successful test results, Robert decided to sell Gluco Tune Pro online, helping others stop taking their insulin and managing diabetes symptoms. Robert partnered with a supplement company to sell Gluco Tune Pro online.

It’s a nice story, but it’s a fictitious story for marketing purposes. “Robert” is the same actor we’ve seen online advertising other supplements. He goes by many different names. He has no experience as a medical or health researcher, and Gluco Tune Pro has not completed any tests to verify it’s safe or effective for people with diabetes to take.

Scientific Evidence for Gluco Tune Pro

Gluco Tune Pro has not completed any clinical trials or studies to verify it helps people with diabetes lower blood sugar. There’s no proof the supplement is safe or effective for diabetes to take.


We assume the supplement contains the ingredients listed on the label. However, Gluco Tune Pro is not tested by a third-party lab for purity or potency, making it impossible to verify the label.

The Gluco Tune Pro ‘References’ page does, however, contain 23 citations supporting the ingredients in Gluco Tune Pro. Based on that evidence, the company claims Gluco Tune Pro can support healthy blood sugar levels, helping people with diabetes lower their blood sugar to a normal range even while eating their favorite foods.

Gluco Tune Pro contains 15,000mcg of vitamin A per serving, or 16x your daily recommended value. For years, there was no apparent connection between diabetes and vitamin A. In 2017, however, researchers found that vitamin A could improve the function of insulin-producing beta cells. Researchers found that insulin-producing beta cells have a large surface for absorbing vitamin A. Based on this find, researchers concluded that vitamin A plays an important role in the early development of beta cells. Because beta cells produce insulin, vitamin A may support healthy beta cells.

One 2015 study described vitamin A as “a missing link in diabetes,” suggesting that vitamin A played a crucial role in developing the embryo. If your mother is deficient in vitamin A while pregnant, you may have a higher chance of developing diabetes at a later age. Other studies have found that people with diabetes might have lower vitamin A levels than healthy people, putting them at a higher risk for vitamin A deficiency. However, this relationship is not fully understood.

Vitamin A may be connected to diabetes, but that does not mean taking a vitamin A supplement today will reverse diabetes or end diabetes symptoms. Although Gluco Tune Pro contains a strong vitamin A dose, this dose will not help singlehandedly cure your diabetes.

Gluco Tune Pro also contains a strong zinc dose, giving you 227% of your daily value (25mg) of zinc per serving. Some studies show that zinc improves glucose levels and glycemic control in people with diabetes. If you’re at risk of developing diabetes, then doctors may recommend taking a zinc supplement. However, as with vitamin A, there’s no evidence that zinc can reverse diabetes or lower blood sugar if you already have diabetes.

One of Gluco Tune Pro’s biggest ingredients is taurine, an organic compound found in animal tissues. Your body already has a significant amount of taurine. In fact, taurine accounts for about 0.1% of total human body weight. Taurine is an amino acid. Like other amino acids, it’s a building block of protein. Taurine is also linked to cellular energy, which is why many energy drinks contain taurine.

In this 2012 study, researchers analyzed the potential usefulness of taurine for treating diabetes and diabetes symptoms. Researchers found data showing a connection between taurine and diabetes “due to the multiple actions of taurine on cellular function.” Because of that study, some researchers believe taking taurine could help with diabetes, although more research is needed to verify this connection. Some people take taurine supplements daily for health and wellness. However, the average taurine supplement contains 1,000mg per serving – 2.5 times the Gluco Tune Pro dose.

The other ingredients in Gluco Tune Pro are not found in large enough doses to significantly impact the human body, nor have they been shown to reverse diabetes in any major study.

It is possible to reverse diabetes. If you’re willing to follow an extremely low-calorie diet for 6 months, then it’s possible to reverse diabetes, according to multiple studies. One study found that taking a 600-calorie liquid diet for 6 months was enough to reverse diabetes in patients. Another study found that a low-calorie diet combined with 10,000 steps per day was enough to reverse diabetes.

What about insulin drug immunity? Can you really become immune to the insulin medication prescribed by your doctor? It’s possible. Studies show that insulin drugs help manage diabetes when diet and exercise alone aren’t enough. However, as Healthline explains, “diabetes drugs can and often do stop working.” In fact, these drugs stop working in about 5% to 10% of type 2 diabetics every year. If you have developed an immunity to your diabetes drugs, you need to talk to your doctor and not trust an online supplement company’s medical advice.

There’s no evidence, however, that a supplement like Gluco Tune Pro, or any other diabetes supplement, can reverse diabetes. It would be best if you made major diet and lifestyle changes to reverse diabetes. You can’t just take a supplement – despite what “Robert Jones” and the Gluco Tune Pro team seem to claim.

Gluco Tune Pro Pricing

Gluco Tune Pro is priced at $49 to $69 per bottle, depending on the number of bottles you buy. US shipping is included with all purchases.


Here’s how pricing breaks down when ordering through the official website:

  • 1 Bottle: $69 + Free US Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $177 + Free US Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $294 + Free US Shipping

Gluco Tune Pro Refund Policy

A 60-day moneyback guarantee backs Gluco Tune Pro. You can request a complete refund within 60 days of your purchase.

If Gluco Tune Pro does not change your blood sugar, or if you continue to experience symptoms of diabetes after taking the supplement, you are entitled to a complete refund within 60 days.

  • Returns Address: 37 Inverness Drive East, Suite 100, Englewood, CO

Contacting Gluco Tune Pro

There’s limited information online about where Gluco Tune Pro is manufactured, where the ingredients are sourced, or what type of medical doctor recommends using the supplement to treat diabetes, if any.

There are also few ways to contact the company. However, you can contact the company via the following:

  • Email: contact@glucotune.com
  • Email Form: glucotune.com/help/contact-us.php

Gluco Tune Pro is sold through Clickbank, a major eCommerce platform. The Gluco Tune, Pro ingredients label, mentions the same Denver-area address used by many Clickbank supplements sold online today.

Gluco Tune Pro Final Word

Gluco Tune Pro is a dietary supplement that impacts blood sugar, metabolism, and weight loss.

By taking two capsules of Gluco Tune Pro per day, you can purportedly stop taking insulin medication. The man who created Gluco Tune Pro claims he stopped taking his doctor-prescribed insulin after experiencing major side effects. Now, he takes Gluco Tune Pro to manage his diabetes symptoms.

There’s no scientific evidence supporting any of these claims, and there’s no evidence Gluco Tune Pro lowers blood sugar or impacts diabetes. However, Gluco Tune Pro is backed by a 60-day refund policy, giving you two months to try the formula to see if it works for you.