NitriLEAN Reviews – Obvious Ripoff or Ingredients That Work?

NitriLEAN is a dietary supplement geared towards supporting hormones and weight loss. It promotes healthy metabolism as well as assists greatly with cardiovascular health. Sounds great on paper. But how does it actually work? More importantly, does it work?

No need to risk testing it. We have done proper testing for you and reviewed the product for its features. We have also double-checked all the claims and successfully determined how efficient it is across the board. Without further ado, let’s dive right into our NitriLEAN review.

NitriLEAN is based on a Russian weight loss secret. Secret only outside Russia, it’s a mixture of multiple ingredients that promotes metabolism and blood flow, all the while helping you lose weight pretty efficiently.

The claim of the NitriLEAN product to help you lose weight within days isn’t true in all cases and for all people. It is, however, very effective when consumed over the long run.

About NitriLEAN

NitriLEAN isn’t your typical superfood. It’s also not something that needs one of the many necessary evils of today, including but not limited to different types of diets and fasting.

If you have already tried paleo, keto, vegan, low carb, and low-fat diets, as well as all types of fasting, to no avail, know that using NitriLEAN isn’t something out of the same box.

It’s an entirely different thing.

With a unique mix of natural weight loss-aiding ingredients and the right formula, NitriLEAN is one of the most effective weight-loss dietary supplements out there.

Its effectiveness is not the same for everyone. At the same time, the results can take longer if you are under 30. It’s specifically designed for men and women who are over the age of 30.


How does NitriLEAN work?

Great question. We are glad you asked. So, how does NitriLEAN work?

NitriLEAN, in a nutshell, is a special formula that promotes weight loss, among other benefits. This formula is reportedly used a lot in the Russian subcontinent.

This hormone is essential in people of all ages. It boosts the production of Nitric Oxide or N-O. N-O levels in your vessels keep blood flowing smoothly.

The way N-O works is simple. It is a vasodilator. Vasodilators relax the inner muscles of blood vessels. This causes a widening effect inside the vessels. In turn, it allows the blood to flow more freely.

Apart from increased blood flow and lowered blood pressure, good N-O levels lead to a lower risk of heart attacks. Weight loss is actually a side effect of increasing N-O levels using NitriLEAN

Now, we need to establish how it does not work.

  • It is not a diet system.
  • It does not need anything to compliment it, including fasting, other supplements, or special diets.
  • It does not work like processes that need a lot of tweaking before you can see results, if at all, such as detox cleansing.

Most importantly, the NitriLEAN formula is largely a brainchild of the Russian medical professional Dr. Yuri Petrov. He enabled many to lose a remarkable amount of their belly fat by using a fairly straightforward 30-second ritual after dinner.

His method also helped maintain a healthy blood flow and, consequently, heart function. A better heart function lowers the risk of heart attacks. And that’s what the second most important benefit of NitriLEAN is.

Some simple bathing instructions follow a 30-second ritual. What this does is turn on a powerful surge of hormones – specifically hormones that help melt that belly fat that can quickly become deadly.

All this happens overnight.

NitriLEAN targets are clogging in blood vessels. It’s a known fact that poor blood flow increases the risk of a heart attack and makes it impossible to lose weight effectively.

NitriLEAN Ingredients

Here are the core ingredients of NitriLEAN that do the job of boosting nitric oxide levels, supporting a healthy blood flow, and increasing blood circulation throughout the body – all leading to fewer or nonexistent heart complications and, of course, weight loss.

Beetroot: 100 mg of purest beetroot works as a great anti-aging superfood in all of Russia. Beetroot is scientifically proven to support healthy blood pressure and circulation. It also promotes healthy blood sugar levels and even sexual performance. Most importantly, beetroot unlocks a circulatory effect in the body that stimulates blood nitric oxide levels.

L-Citrulline: L-Citrulline is a naturally occurring amino acid found in specific watermelons from the Astrakhan region in Russia. It has also been scientifically proven to support healthy levels of N-O in the blood. It further improves blood flow to the muscles and other areas.

Hawthorn extract: 100 mg of pure Hawthorn extract aids in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. Doctors have clinically proven that supplementing hawthorn berry extract decreases fatigue, heart palpitations, and shortness of breath.

Green tea extract: 100 mg of organic green tea extract provides the much-needed dose of natural antioxidants and a boost in metabolism.

Garcinia cambogia: A tropical fruit found in Indonesia, Garcinia cambogia extract helps inhibit fat production enzymes. It further helps in supporting healthy cholesterol levels while boosting energy. It can also decrease cravings, support healthy levels of blood sugar, and improve insulin response.

Cayenne pepper: 50 mg of high potency cayenne pepper enhances fat-burning metabolism and decreases cravings. Having fewer cravings and feeling full is the best way to lose fat.

Grape seed skin: The extract of grape seed skin is rich in polyphenolics. Polyphenolics improve the quality of blood flow as well as overall cardiovascular health. It additionally prevents fatty liver disease while protecting one from oxidative stress and tissue damage.

BioPerine: BioPerine is an extract obtained from black pepper. It assists in the bioavailability of nutrients central to good health in general. BioPerine can improve nutrient absorption by up to 60% in some cases.

Who should use NitriLEAN?

If you also want to break free from diets and fasting, then NitriLEAN is the right choice for you.

Furthermore, it’s for all men and women over 30 who are sick of depriving themselves of their favorite foods, counting their calorie and carb intake, doing more exercise than they can manage, dieting without end, controlling their sleep patterns, using thyroid or metabolism specific supplements, and so on.

NitriLEAN Pricing

NitriLEAN’s 3 month supply comes at $49 for each bottle. A 6-month supply costs $44 per bottle, and the one-month supply costs $59 each. All of these packages come with a 60-day moneyback guarantee. You can purchase NitriLEAN online at the official NitriLEAN website.


Company contact information

The manufacturers of NitriLEAN don’t disclose much in terms of company information or contact details. The company manufactures the product in the United States in a GMP-certified and FDA-approved facility.

  • Contact email: help@nitrilean.com

NitriLEAN Conclusion

NitriLEAN can be your way out, too, just like how it has been so for so many people. It’s an all-natural formula dug up from the depths of Russian medical practice. NitriLEAN allows you to gain a better blood flow and lose weight by combining high-impact ingredients in the perfect blend.

Using NitriLEAN is simple. You have to combine the pill intake with a simple shower technique as well. All instructions are provided along with the product, so there’s no guesswork involved. The benefits are pronounced and pretty quick, in some cases as fast as a few days.

Nitric Oxide is technically a hormone in the human body. All cells produce N-O. Many scientific publications have even claimed for N-O to be the foundation of our health.

Maintaining healthy N-O levels with NitriLEAN provides a sure-shot solution to weight loss, especially for those who have struggled in vain with other methods in the past.