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Shingle Solution by Julissa Clay Review (Blue Heron Health)

The Shingle Solution is a guide that expounds on natural means of reversing the effects of shingles. Natural health practitioner, Julissa Clay, is said to have shared a handful of simple lifestyle tweaks that stimulate the fastest possible recovery without any of the side effects that are usually tied to prescription drugs. What’s attention-grabbing is that the tips shared in this guide focus on one’s present situation involving shingles and aim to increase protection against post-shingles complications and repeat shingles. Before going over this program’s structure, it might be worth setting aside some time to understand how shingles come about.

Did you know that 1 in every three people in America is likely to develop Shingles? That’s a whopping 1 million people who get it every year. For people who are unaware of the condition, shingles are also referred to as herpes zoster and appear as painful striped rashes that develop on the left or right side of your torso. Shingles are a viral infection that causes an angry red inflammation. It can take anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks to heal, depending on how successful individuals control the itching, tingling, and painful burning sensations.

One myth that many people continue to believe is that adults-only experience shingles. As explained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, even children are at risk of developing shingles. In terms of conventional treatments, antiviral medicines (i.e., acyclovir, valacyclovir, and famciclovir) are available. These are typically recommended by a health practitioner and are trusted to be effective when taken during the first signs of symptoms.

Luckily, individuals can also take the all-natural route to heal, and we might have a potential solution. Specifically, we recently came across a guide called “The Shingle Solution by Julissa Clay,” which is reasoned as being the safest way to address the issue. Without giving too much away, the approach is taken here supposedly involves boosting the immune system through whole foods. All things considered; the purpose of this review is to provide a complete analysis of what individuals can expect from The Shingle Solution:

Understanding how shingles start

In one post, the Mayo Clinic explained that shingles are caused by the varicella-zoster virus, which is also responsible for chickenpox. This virus supposedly lies inactive in the nerve tissue near the spinal cord and brain. It isn’t until some years later that the virus becomes activated (at least in some cases), and as a result, it can trigger shingles. While it is not a life-threatening condition, it can be painfully unbearable.

Ultimately, if someone had chickenpox, then they are likely to have shingles. It turns out that this is not entirely the case. As summarized by HealthLine, studies conducted within the scientific community showed that a weakened immune system is highly likely to reactivate the zoster virus. An immune system usually weakens as factors including “chronic, daily stress and highly stressful life events” take over. Not to forget other factors, including “advancing age, mood disorders and poor diet.” There’s more to the story than what’s been told and why The Shingle Solution can come in useful.

How has The Shingle Solution been structured?

The Shingle Solution has been structured in such a way that ensures that one’s immune system is returned to its full strength. Based on the claims made in the advertisement, this program is backed by “hard science” and can treat shingles “in a practical, straightforward and completely natural way.”

As for the contents, we know with certainty that The Shingle Solution is designed:

  • To deliver a plan in two phases over four weeks.
  • To include daily instruction sheets to eliminate any guesswork.
  • To make the overall experience as comfortable as possible, even though the first seven days might be tough to overcome
  • To highlight specific foods and nutrients that prevent illness and repair the body’s internal processes.
  • To focus on simple daily habits that can be easily incorporated into one’s life.
  • To reveal the importance of sleep on the immune system and how a lack thereof can weaken it further.
  • To help manage all stressors of life.

What are the benefits of following The Shingle Solution?

When followed to the finest of details, The Shingle Solution is trusted to stimulate four main, positive results. First, it is expected to clear shingles scabs “in record time.” This can be evaluated by assessing the scabs’ dryness and eventually the disappearance of the scars. Next, individuals will feel it working the moment they realize that their itching has reduced significantly.

Third, people are believed to be protected from postherpetic neuralgia (i.e., shingles’ most common complication). Finally, the solutions provided can reduce the risk of developing repeat shingles and post-shingles. These results are deemed achievable in “less than half the time that most people have it.”

How much does The Shingle Solution cost?

The Shingle Solution is currently offered at a one-time price of $49. Once paid, individuals will immediately gain access to the digital (PDF/e-book) version of this program. Also, the company will provide updates made on new natural treatments for shingles along the way and provided at no extra charge. If individuals prefer the physical book, that option will be available at checkout as well.

Finally, should the tips and tricks shared in The Shingle Solution fail to bring desirable results, customer service can be contacted for a full refund. This is because the program has since been backed by a 100%, 60-day money-back guarantee. The best way(s) to contact the customer service team are listed below:


Meet Blue Heron Health News and Julissa Clay

Blue Heron Health News is a publishing company that presents different health programs to consumers to get the help they need to take health matters into their own hands. As explained on the official website, the term “Blue Heron” comes from Native American tradition and represents a “Totem Animal for self-knowledge” or self-awareness. This makes sense, seeing that we need to be aware of our health conditions and acknowledge a problem before finding a fitting solution.

As for the CEO of Blue Heron Health News, Christian Goodman, he has been educating himself on all-natural solutions and self-healing for over ten years. Once he came across people who shared the same ideologies, he decided to make such resources available. Here is a short extract from Christian Goodman himself: “Our goal is to address every health issue under the sun eventually and present natural solutions to deal with them. So, you too may gain natural health and take off as the Blue Heron.”

Regarding the natural health practitioner, Julissa Clay, we also know that she also authored “The Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease,” “The Menopause Solution,” “The Psoriasis Strategy,” and “Nail Fungus No More.”

Final Verdict

Overall, The Shingle Solution is a guide covering the ins and outs of enhancing the immune system to eliminate shingles for good. It includes a program that involves making healthy changes to one’s food intake and effective ways of managing stress and pain, among others. The route taken by Julissa Clay makes absolute sense, seeing that the scientific community has succeeded in establishing a link between shingles and a weak immune system.

The one gray area in all of this is the natural health practitioner behind this guide. Fortunately, she has written more than one guide that provides solutions for varying health conditions. However, these pieces of information can be researched by just about anyone. If Julissa were indeed a practitioner, then the data provided can be trusted, but we don’t know that for sure. In the end, it comes down to whether individuals would much rather do their research or save their time and follow one that already exists.

At least for the price paid, individuals are told that they will get updates as required, allowing everyone to remain in the loop regarding science and methods. To learn more about The Shingle Solution, visit here>>>

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